Rytm has a burned LCD


Me too. Same issue. Not happy! It’s a crappy enough low res screen as it is.


Same problem here on the A4. I have also a Rytm and the screen is perfect. The Rytm is from 2013 and the A4 from 2015.
Leaving for some hours on the A4 helps but it does not disappear the problem.
I guess is time for a support ticket.


Hey @Yannick,
I have the same issue since yesterday when I’ve updated the OS (1.31b). Did you opened a ticket, what’s the costumer service answer ?


Hi, nope i have not send a ticket, it’s not growing a lot for now. i will wait and maybe use the warranty before it ends, i still have almost 2 years . Unfortunatly i don’t know if this happens after an update, i guess it’s more a screen probleme.


One year later.

Then after 20 minutes it’s worse.


I would sent it back, it isn’t gonna get better.
In the end a lot of AR’s may become “blind”.


Sad story.


@Yannick This morning it was fine … after an hour or so I have the same “stain” of blind pixels just like in your first picture. More warmer it gets more resemblance to your 2nd pic.
'Don’t tweak very often the comp page but it’s very annoying and disappointing having this issue…
ty for your reply/time


This is the unit I bought. Ugh…
Ghosting and discoloration are horrible…
I’m waiting for the seller to get back to me but I have a feeling I will return it.


Unless notified with the sale about this faulty LCD, I would send it back.


I don’t think the seller was even aware of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a user here since he said he’s going for the digitakt :slight_smile:
I got the receipt with it from Feb this year. Refurbished (which is another thing I wasn’t aware of) but still.
I’m waiting for the original invoice to check how much Elektron warranty is left in it.
If the seller takes it into account that I will have to ship it to California, wait around 6 weeks total (5-6 days to get it there one way), pay for shipping and gives me discount with all those things in mind I might keep it. Everything else is in great shape.


Same problem.
Device 5x used. 1 year not used. I wanted to sell the device. Have it connected today and see this display! I am shocked. So I can not sell that, sour. I leave the device now run for a long time and hope for improvement.

Messed up screen

Yes, it’s a bad thing.
It should adorn Elektron if they replace the display for free.
It’s a well known issue.


I think this is actually called ‘LCD pressure damage’.

That is not actually burning but physical damage caused by pressure on the liquid crystals between the glass sheets of the screen.

The picture above to me looks like it is from a manufacturing defect rather than a physical action or shock.


Did anyone get an official reply from Elektron? My Rytm had the same symptoms after not having been used for a while, and after two further months of not being switched on, most of the LCD flaws disappeared again. Is this some kind of seasonal thing? Humidity? Seems really weird. This of course affects the reselling value, pity.


my screen now has issues ! It was left in perfect condition unused for about a month . :frowning:


ugh …

this came out of the blue (left is black test screen, right is white) … you can also see evidence of characters and dials within the dark region

keen to see if it clears up, but also to hear of the solution options offered up, is it strictly return to base or can a part be dropped in ?

Display low contrast issue

Imho I think this topic is a dead end for customers with faulty screens.
No support from Elektron it seems.
But hopefully there is an other display available on the market which is more reliable.
Good luck.


I have the heat issue on the right and my screen gets replaced once i have sent it in to Elektron. You need to open a support ticket.


Based on what information?

No one here has said their support tickets have gone unanswered or unresolved.