Rytm has a burned LCD


looks even better live, its my cheap old smartphone :slight_smile:


A small but important part of the LCD is darker, like a bruise. Is this something that will go away, or is this going to get worse?

Anyone have an idea how it happened? I keep it covered with one of the PL-2 lids, and am meticulous with my care and use of it. (OCD thing of mine.)



I had that after the AR had been in storage for 4 months or so… It went away after a week of heavy use, it’s now a year and a half later and it hasn’t returned…


Add me to the list, noticed the compressor line last night. Opening a ticket…


You just need to turn the adjustable resistor beside the LCD.


Then it looks nice again.


Do you mean the resistor/screw in the top right corner of the second picture?


Exactly. very gently turn this screw. In this case maybe 0.1 mm.


I just changed my Rytm screen, contrast did not cure the slight fade, and when I opened it what I suspected to be the cause, a slightly warped LCD pcb, turned out to be the case.

Went from this:

To this:

It is supposed to be white on black, but it is more like dark blue, I got it from the ebay seller who has been linked to on the forum before, installation was very easy, but removing the old LCD is very difficult and I would not recommend it to someone without good desoldering skills and all the required tools or you will most likely ruin the main pcb, you need a hot air pencil, electric desoldering iron, some pry tools and a LOT of patience, it took me about 30 minutes to remove the old one, and a minute to fit the new one, but I have a lot of experience of this kind of work. I was thinking of changing my A4 screen as well, but since there is nothing wrong with it and it is difficult to remove the old screen I don’t think I will bother. Overall though I’m happy with the new screen.


I should also add that when I opened it, the original screen pcb was visibly warped/bent as mentioned in the last post, so if anyone has the same symptoms it could be worth checking yours, had I not been replacing the screen it would most likely have been possible to correct the warping by heating all the screen header pins and applying even pressure to the LCD module, obviously if you do try this it is at your own risk, and of course if it is still in warranty get Elektron to take care of it.


i might have to try this, but i’m not a particularly competent person when it comes to anything mechanical. how easy was it? just taking the lid of scares me.


struggling to see the screw in question. what sort of head is it?


That looks sweet


I can’t believe this. Mine looks just like this…Anyone find any solution? Obviously has to do with it sitting for an extended amount of time. But I just don’t even understand how it could occur. Heat I would understand. Pressing on the screen very hard or twisting the machine i would understand, but this is ridiculous. Here is what it looked like turning on after about a year of not using and stored with a lid in a case. Was in perfect functioning and physical condition. Now I feel like I’m going to be stuck with it like this… Second picture is with a test screen up. I have a gameboy from 1990 that has a perfectly functioning screen and I go years without using it.


How do you make the screen alternate between black and white on its own using test mode. I can only seem to make it turn black or white.


That looks like the liquid crystal has spread, aka “LCD cancer” the only option is replacement, if it is still in warranty contact support, if not then you might want to look into buying a new display and either fitting it yourself or getting a tech to replace it.


Still I think Elektron should replace them for free, they know about this problem.
But as always they know how to hide.
Keep quiet instead of admit and be loyal to their customers.


From first turned on, a few hours on the white test screen and overnight on the test screen. Wish there was a way to alternate black and white test screens.


Mine is almost at the same point (or missing point i should say), to be honest i try not to care anymore as long as i can use it and fortunatly we have now the solution for a long life screen, it’s called oled.


Oleds are in fact not long life, as they are organic and will dissolve over time.
Dont want to start a panic, but the will get faulty. Maybe in 10, maybe in 15 years but they will die for sure. Dot Matrix LCDs not so much. They tend to have other problems.

Anyone correct me if this is no more the case.