Rytm has a burned LCD


Just a way to check for dead pixels


Today I’ve sent off my AR to Elektron US, support has been very responsive on my ticket.


I found compatible display on eBay today, anyone seen those in action?


Nice search, this might be a serious replacement when your machine goes slowly to blind.


Has anyone tried that display? It’s easy to replace?





That’s rather nice!


Repacement require soldering, but it’s not complicated.


That video is hilarious. :smiley:


I just had a bit of this on mine, after not using it for a month or two.

After a few hours of use it went away.

Strange. (shrugs)


My Rytm starts to have missing pixels on the compressor, the pixels dissapears after one hour of use. Not sure if it is what you call the burned screen. For now it’s not really disturbing but I hope it will not expand on the other part of the screen.


Added custom display for my Analog Keys :slight_smile:


more pics…

Screen upgrade?

Nice! What are your impressions? Please tell us more about the materials and the process!


Impressions are good for now, I feel that view angles are better. Color is dark blue to graphite black…

I ordered display from ebay seller mentioned above. Process require good soldering station with desoldering gun for removing old display.


hey guys, so you know…my rytm display recently had a dark spot in the lcd display. I’ve left it turned on for 24h and for 30min every morning and evening for the next week.
it has diminished considerably since then, almost gone, so if you face this try doing the same it might help



Just noticed today, at the start and the end of the screen black is more like grey… what can I do? I’m on latest OS…


it seems that is a known issue, i think we will have to return the machine for replacement… mine is going worse since i’ve post the pic. :confused:


I had this after the unit was in storage for 6 months. After some good sessions of long daily use, it went away. It’s now been 6 months since and it has not returned.
Not sure if it helped or not but for the first few days of long sessions with the issue, I would periodically change what the display was showing, even if I wasn’t editing, just to switch the pixels up… YMMV but that’s what happened with mine and it was looking worse than most the pics in this thread…


I use the Rytm quite every day… but recently had the issue… Contacted the support… Hope they can help!