Rytm has a burned LCD


Hi Guys,

My Rytm, which has already been in for a mobo-change, has started to develop dark spots on the display. I’m not exactly keen on the idea of handing it in for another 6-8 weeks, so the question is this: is this a known issue and is the only solution to hand my unit in for support again?



There’s a test mode accessed from the Early Startup Menu

The first two trigs will then alternately display an all on / all off LCD state for the purposes of checking pixels I guess, but this could be used for ‘screen burn’ wiping purposes i’d imagine

Perhaps toggling between the two for a while intermittently will diminish the isolated darkness effect … it certainly is this kind of technique you’d do if you were trying similar on a device which had a screen memory effect from a static image … won’t do any harm


Hi Thomas,

Yes it is an wellknown issue with the displays.


Mine looked just like that after not using it for a few months. After a serious lab week where it was on most of the day everyday, it completely went away. Don’t know if it helped or not but during that week I often changed what page was showing on the screen even if I wasn’t tweaking that section just to rotate pixel action. The Rytm wants you to use it a lot!


I don’t have one but there is a thread around here about this. Leave it on overnight seems to help from what I remember.


I still can’t understand why this problem seems accepted.
It’s like keeping your car with running engine overnight.


That’s because we’re all pragmatic and solution focussed and you are problem focussed… and somewhat of a dog with a bone about it i would suggest. Why not be grateful you don’t even need to worry about it (yet) and have fun with it which ironically will likely prevent it occuring


Plus this place is kindly powered by Elektron themselves, so this not the place to start a petition, nor a rebellion etc… If someone have a technical problem : the one that anyone advises here hasn’t (kindly) resolved this isn’t mean that Elektron devices are overpriced or not reliable. Open a ticket here :

Put your unit back you have 3 years or warranty even if you’re the buyer of a second hand and the warranty is not finished (What ?.. yes !!!) Don’t wait for the last warranty DAY to send your unit back ! also you can pass by the shop where you buy the device and don’t pay for the return. (generally you pay the return and Electron pay for the back to you part… that’s it !)

i’m lucky i have 3 devices and i do not know this problem…


OK - Thanks


I copped it on both machines - after an extended break of not using them. Been getting a fair bit of use lately and seems to be fading…


OK - Thanks,

I tried the “keep the unit powered on over night” and I can see that it has helped the issue somewhat, but the dark spot are not completely gone.

Having read through most of the thread, I get the impression that the “keep the unit powered on over night”-technique is one possible solution, but it is still unclear to me if it is a lasting solution or of the issue will just come back if I don’t use my unit for a while? If that is the case, then the only solution I see is to hand the unit in for repair/service.

Is there no official Elektron advice on how to handle this issue best yet?


I think you’ve got a point.
I’m still exploring the AR, which I do with a
lot of fun.


Any solutions or updates?


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My display has gone bad, the view angle is terribly uneven: https://goo.gl/photos/VBkYJrS4pQbwgjpE6

The color or contrast of the pixels has also shifted from the middle outwards making even head on viewing uncomfortable: https://goo.gl/photos/gVr7jwa8DndsN3kKA

I’ve tried all the tricks in this thread, using the test mode and leaving it on overnight as well. My guess is it’s something faulty with the electro-chemical part of the display and I’ve got no warranty. Trying to research what was going wrong, I came across the strategy of displaying random values, like noise, on misbehaving displays to encourage the pixels to go back to a more neutral/even response state internally. No idea if it would work for this kind of LCD.

Now I’m waiting to hear back from the repair folks about doing something to fix or replace it. I wish these machines had higher quality displays to start with or I could just swap in one from the Analog Heat or Machine Drum MKII :slight_smile:


Sorry to read this.
Within the 3 years guaranteed period your covered.
I wonder what happens after when you send it in, will it be repaired under courtesy?
I think they should because it’s a welknown issue.


We’ll see what they do I guess, I would really like to get back to sorting out my live gig + studio workflow with this beast. It’s really an amazing sounding piece of equipment.


So true


Hmm, I can’t find a support ticket regarding a Rytm LCD currently open - are you sure you have sent it in? (Or perhaps you are in contact with Elektron US?)


Is there any known benefit to running the test mode and blocking the screen black and white for set times … or is this just a way to test the operation of the screen (Trig 1 Trig 2 iirc) ?