Rytm has a burned LCD


Just had to return my AK with a nearly vanished screen, about 8 months old, minimal use… Seems like elektron need to up the quality control on the screens…


8 months, minimal use. So did the problem disappear after heavy use? That’s what this thread is suggesting…

fwiw my AR’s display has never exhibited this issue


Did anybody here on this forum contacted Elektron on this?
If yes, what was their answer?


Didn’t read the whole thread. Just saw someone else post they have a screen that doesn’t work properly and felt like venting cos I just had to send mine back for repair :confused: on £1000+ machines it shouldn’t be down to customers to troubleshoot/fix this kind of stuff… Maybe leaving mine switched on and used more often would have fixed it but it’s in warranty so I just sent it back to be safe… In hindsight after reading more posts I guess I could have tried it tho if it’s a 100% cure.

Edit - Mine isn’t burnt, just faded in areas. Unless that’s the same thing? This is how it looked on a good day. Has been MUCH worse other times though. Barely visible.


Posted by avantronica in another thread :
The LCD issue potentially arises if the device is not used for a long time and disappears when the device is used for a bit … ps, there is a setting within the Test Mode for the AR which will cycle the screen Black then White to purge this potential for the component to go off if unused …

i do not verify by myself as my electron didn’t behave in this way.


Sounds good. For future ref, does AK have the same settings in test mode? I sometimes don’t get a chance to switch stuff on for a week or so. Don’t really want it happening again…


I think the full-black/full-white screen Trig options will be the same, they’re probably there just to test that there are no dead single pixels, but would be ideal for screen-burn cleansing purposes, other Trigs test the LEDs for each colour and so on. It’d still be good to know what support say and do about this, the fact that your device is being returned to base suggests it may be more nuanced


Thanks for info.

Not sure if it’s going back to Elektron. Just to the store. Will know more in couple of days and let you know.


My rytm and a4 screens are fine (so far - even after running for a whole weekend) but the octa screen is fucked. very uneven appeareance :frowning:
the screen of my first rytm started bending up very lightly - got an exchange unit at the store. everything fine since then.
It is a pitty as the machines are awesome otherwise…


I have send a friendly email to Elektron about this LCD problem.


And an email in return.


well ! ? from earlier in the thread …

So, what was the advice, are you going to share ? Did you even open your box yet :wink: :grey_question:


I can only make some quotes because the friendly person at Elektron asked me :…“please refrain from quoting me in verbatim…”

In short and in my own words:

They confirm having a issue with the manufacturer.
When assembling in Sweden all displays will be checked for failures before leaving.
Unfortunately some will break, like any device can.
Their quality control procedure will be improved and each new repair case is filed and reported after completion so that they can see the cause, solution and finally prevent the issue from happening.


Nope…but it’s still here


if you not use it your screen will probably burn :slight_smile: kidding a bit no offense :slight_smile:


Yes it might


Speaking of…

Today at a subdivision of the Dutch eBay.
This ad.
With a pic of another bad display, machine is 1,5 years old.
Good price anyway 800 €

Phone screenshot


Do you mean the small speck on the screen? That is dirt/dust. Could be under the window, sure, but LCD itself looks healthy.


I see discolouration (correct English?) at the left side and faulty pixels under “filter”

I mailed the seller about this and confirmed


There are no faulty pixels, it’s scrolling numbers … and that is NOT a burned LCD … maybe soft, but is it the photo

The good thing about this strand of the discussion is that it makes me feel very moderate all of a sudden :troll: