Rytm has a burned LCD


A few of us had this problem before but mine went away after some time. There’s a thread about about it here: Rytm has a burned LCD


just reading that thread now. has this issue been resolved for most people? gotten worse for others?


My screen had dark spots after not using the Rytm for a few months, but has returned to normal after using it a lot the past month, we’ll see if it lasts though. Strangely, my little phatty screen started fading at the same time and I’ve had that for seven years…


oh no…maybe it’s contagious


usually, constant activity like a “screen saver” will clear up these kinds of issues in LCDs after a while

not sure how to do that on an elektron box tho… maybe switch thru all the pages for a while or something


Well, I kept mine on for about 2 days. It has mostly fixed the issue, can’t see the original spot anymore but other areas are a little darker than they should be. Maybe I’ll have to keep it on for another day or so just to be sure.


Hi! I discovered a probleme with my LCD screen. When the box heated after 1-2 hours, a pixels decoloration appears (only on the right side). It’s not really constraining, just for the compressor GR or navigation in manager bank. But i’m afraid that decoloration progressively expand :dismayed:

Test mode when the AR is cold

Test mode after 2 hours of use :sad:


mm…that doesn’t look nice… :astonished:


Oooh, if you don’t mind the delayed question, to what teardown pics were you referring?


Sorry can’t remember where they were now, but yes there is a contrast trimmer.


Maybe you’re thinking of the infamous and excellent Analog Four teardown?



just next to the screen on the A4.
I imagine the AR is the same.



my display gets brighter on one side wtf is that


does the brightness increase over time or is it something similar to this: Rytm has a burned LCD


yes it increase by time but it is still there looks like im not the only one would you send it back or is this normal with this typ of screens …?


If you are concerned about it or it is causing you actual problems, then contact Elektron support via their website.


im concerned about the quality of the elektron displays
the question is will it be better after sending it back
but any way thanks for the replay


the common lasting manufacturer fix for the ‘burned’ LCD seems to be running it for a long time iirc - this seems to have been a thing plaguing infrequently accessed devices, the quality seems fine otherwise, but guess I wouldn’t agree if mine started showing bright/dark patches

it would be helpful to photo-document it, in order for others to compare and advise what worked for them


A few days ago I received a brand new AR.
I’m glad I kept it sealed, thinking of returning and buy something different when I read these things.
No fun, also the bugs it still has after the latest update I don’t feel happy with this product.