Rytm has a burned LCD

Well, it seems you know the topic, can you tell me if the dead zone on the screen will expand more with the time ?

fwiw, i had some hardware issues and the support was stellar.

Hardware issues are something Elektron should have fixed before they put them on the market. Crazy encoders and burned screens are inacceptable for such expensives machines. I spend almost 5k euros with their products and all of them have issues. I mean hardware issues, all the bugs in the os(es) are a little bit more “acceptable” as long as it’s not the freeze one.
Innaceptable to have to paid for a return and have to wait for weeks (maybe months). Maybe there is a special price for a big package return ?
Then a lot of people still have the same problems when they received their machines and sometimes with extra issues with pads by example.
Don’t need to be fooled by the fans here, all the forums have their own rules but most of them tend to have serious problems with the swedish hand made products.


Just wanted to give an update as it has been a few months of very rare but occasional usage. My screen has gone completely back to normal. It faded maybe 70% of the way in the first month and a half or so and after close examining today I can say it looks like the day i got it.


For anyone with a passing interest -

My mk1 A4 screen was suffering from burn in, funky encoders and the audio outs would drop out randomly . It is 2 years old. My Digitakt trig 4 was being unresponsive and when it did respond, it was very weird.

Contacted support about both in seperate tickets, and they arranged for both items to be returned and repaired.

They sort all the courier bits and it’s a straight forward process. I paid £40 for both to go as one package, and Elektron pay for the return.

Simple and easy. Patrik was very helpful and swift in responses.

They say it’ll be between 1-3 weeks for them to be returned, which is giving me time to play with the Digitone.

Obviously I haven’t had them back yet, however my experience thus far is positive.


Hi there, my AR screen needs a little love - which resistor can i tweak in your picture please? Which side of the screen is it on?

Looking at the screen is it to the top left corner with a tiny philips screw head?

I’m on this thread reporting a dark patch on my screen after it had been in storage for some months, it went away after about a week…

Back to report the unit had been in storage for 10 months this time and I was concerned the screen would be messed up again… Fired it up and all was fine, no issues, stoked…


i just switched my RYTM after almost a year in storage and the screen burn has miraculously disappeared!! i just wondered if yours was still good?


It’s fine… Just had a phase about 1 1/2 years from purchase after it had been in storage for 6 months, lasted a few days. I left it on and kept switching what the screen showed and it went away. Now I’m at 4 1/3 years and it’s never done it again… Been in and out of storage for months at a time after that…

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weird that both our machines have healed themselves! i’d like to sell mine, but worried it will start doing it again and i’ll end up with a return.

Thank you for this! My RYTM mk1 is now restored to its former glory :wink:


I want to do that SO badly to my MD, MM, and A4…I have the screens. BUT…I killed one MD UI board already. I’m not about to commit another murder :frowning:

I can’t find anyone in this damn town that can do it either.

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Also have a burned screen on my Rytm. I will try to leave the Rytm on for 24h and see if that helps.

this is still occasionally happening on my MKI :expressionless: slight fade on the right side of the display, which goes away when the machine is used often, but comes back after even just a couple of days of not being used…might change the display at some point but for now it’s well, ok

So its going to cost me around 200$ CAN to replace the screen. :unamused:

Have u tried to adjust the contrast?

Thanks !! That (slightly adjusted the contrast) with letting the Rytm open for 24h fixed it :slight_smile: