RYTM ambient machine

Thanks for this, will try it out for sure <3

Here’s one i did last week. Mostly samples but 100% Rytm:


Really like this. Did you prepare samples on computer and transfer or sample on rytm and manipulate?

Nice to hear, thanks. I’m on Rytm MK 1, so i have to transfer the samples from a computer. But i don’t manipulate them with the computer, i really like to do that on the Rytm.

(The timestretch topic on this forum was a goldmine of sample manipulation for me)

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Can you point me to the timestrech topic you mentioned. I would like to try it.

Yeah sure, it’s here: Timestretch


Thanks. Your piece is beautiful.


Hi guys I’ve been wanting together a Mk2 but was put off by all the horror stories of hardware issues. Have things changed?

Many thanks.

Personally, I’ve had no technical issues so far with my mk2. I’ve had an issue with the printed text describing functions rubbing off/fading which is frustrating, and may require a new faceplate…but it’s not a big thing, and it works and sounds perfect.


Hey all I’m having a problem where when I edit samples to loop seamlessly in my DAW they still have an audible click/pop when looping on the rytm. Any suggestions most welcome :slight_smile:

edit: NEVERMIND I realized it’s because it was 44.1 and the conversion ruined the loops. I’ve seen a lot of talk on forums about people who always bounce their samples to 44.1 and have no problem with the Rytm’s conversion. Looks like it’s problem indeed for this use case. Hope this helps someone else out!


Love both these examples. I just got a Rytm myself and have been experimenting.

Any tips on your stereo image? Lots of pan lfos? Are you dulicating any tracks and hard panning them with subtle changes?

A lot of these textures are neatly mixed in their own space too. Do you use the band filter a lot? Down for any tips you got. Point me to a thread if you’ve given some advice out there already :slight_smile:

love your sound all gear aside man.

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It would be great if there were more LFO’s on the Rytm, so often I’m torn between an lfo on the pan vs other parameters. I do often have an Lfo on things like sample start to get the textures moving in the track. Sometimes I experiment with the LFO on sample start, but then plock them in to use the LFO on something else.

Slight pans for higher freq textures, I don’t use hard pans very often. Delay with ping pong and a bit of reverb helps a lot though.

LFO panning on a few tracks at the same time makes the Rytm pretty muddy, so got to use it selectively.

Filters on the Rytm tracks are essential, things get out of hand quickly otherwise. Wish there was a track EQ! I don’t use band exclusively, more a matter about experimenting depending on the source sample and how the mix is progressing.

But I don’t agonise too much about it - the Rytm used like this is never going to sound crispy clean and perfectly mixed like something out of a DAW. I love it’s overdrive and distortion, I try to make them part of the sound on tracks like this.

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A couple of my sounds form my AR. Pretty new with it but I’ve been coaxing noises that tickle my ears nicely :smiley: - maybe a little busy for ambient but I still feel like its laid back/background music enough to apply here and decided not the 4x4 / industrial / future bass sound I usually associate the AR with.



Icy Squares:


Thanks for the thoughts! Man I’d love a simple track eq. Even if it was given to us by way of a filter mode. Bandpass shelf with no resonance. Just a 2 knob low and high cut. I’d end up using that often enough.

Sweet, these are great. That punchy kick in the last one - sample or Rytm machine?


Thanks man! Silky Drum I believe. Maybe with some filter ping for extra tapiness.

Been dedicating my bottom 4 tracks to bitty drum machine sounds and leaving the rest to samples. After hearing some of the stuff in this tread, I have to start exploring the engines for droney almost melodic stuff.


This is such a great thread :slight_smile: more please!

Here is a droney ambient jam on the Rytm. I’m only using kicks and bass sounds.


Here’s a short ambient tune using only sounds from the ARII, all sequenced internally.