RYTM ambient machine

even before the VCO update I had been making ambient on this DRUM machine now on the VCO its crazy ambient box. post some your sounds of AMBIENT sounds on this drumming box… I’ll will post mine later after a recording


Dude, that was awesome!

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Probably not exactly what you’re after, but I recorded these for Jamuary:

I’ve got a few others that use the Rytm melodically that I should work up too.

All Rytm, recorded in 1 take.


just awesome!


1st tested soud recording

all in rytm analog voices no sample or processing


Nice one! Analog? Samples? Both?

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Thanks - a big mix of both. Most of the melodic sounds are parts of samples with the loop on. Lfo’s or plocks modulate the start and end points.

Just resurrecting this topic because I love the Rytm.

Sometimes you really need a machine to bang out some 4-on-the-floor beats, and it’s great for that, but I think where it excels is loading it up with a stack of promising samples and just exploring the texture it creates.

This one uses the new dual-osc bass machine too, hot damn it sounds good.

Again, all Rytm, recorded in 1 take, GMO free and Vegan friendly (for easy consumption by Ms Cheuk).


great work - sounds fantastic

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yal bumping got me back on it, very ‘live’ if youre catch my drift

yes only RYTM no sample


That’s great. Which machines do you use?

3 bottom dvco, 1 noise, cb12 and metallic open hat
cheers :+)


I really dig that’s all internal machines. sounds really good :+1:t2:

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have a go for fun (or even serious if u want) boys and post result, intrested to hear the sounds… just 1 take it :sunglasses::sunglasses: and post even before you listen back yourself

This is fantastic! Think I’m going to dust off my RYTM and try to create something similar.

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Have just completed an ambient album produced solely with Rytm MkII:

Rytm can do very deep ambient. Dual VCO really shines. Some of the other machines produce lovely tones that work in combination to create far more complex textures. The less flexible machines are perfect for sample playback duties/layering.

Short samples of choir, orchestra and bells were used (had to edit externally to ensure seamless loops before transfer).

Used separate outputs into mixer (low EQ cut mainly) and Lexicon MPX550 on FX send.

Rytm need’s more LFO’s, a low cut filter and better onboard sample editing wouldn’t go amiss either.

Edit: In fact I want an “Elektron Hybrid 4” – an A4 with additional DT based sample engine p/voice.


What’s that sound that comes in at around 1:40? Comes back again at around 2:20, 4:20 and a few times more. Resonant filter? it sounds fmish, would love to try out what you did there

Nice track btw

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Thanks, glad you like it.

From memory that is either BD FM or SD FM, creates a kinda didgeridoo type sound when the frequencies beat as the pitch bends. Probably an 8:8 conditional trig on an uneven track length with everything set to off on the trigger page except ENV. I’ll see if I still have the sound loaded into Rytm.

Was going to do a YT tutorial on rytm drones, but thought it was kinda boring and obvious… maybe not.


I’d most definitely like to watch that YT video!