Running Digitone and Digitakt as separate interfaces in Logic

Hi there,

So I’m sure this may be basic to some folks out there…

I have successfully and rather easily set up my Digitone to record as separate inputs per track , including the 2 input channels on the back (sending my Digitakt to those inputs to capture at the same time)

But what I’m wondering is, can I occupy those two inputs with external synths while operating the Digitakt as a separate audio interface on a whole bunch of different tracks so i can mix all of this stuff later on without having to sum my Digitakt into the stereo channels.

Like I said I know this is probably one of the main functions of the software. I’m just having a hard time figuring out the best way to either run Digitone+Digitakt with their own collection of isolated tracks… OR run my SSL2 interface with two inputs AND run my Digitone as it’s own interface.

Please help

Love u guys

I have my MOTU 8A selected as my interface. I drop the DT and DN vst’s on separate tracks. The vst handles all audio and midi to the elektron boxes.

Thanks a lot! I think I’m just having a hard time locating the VSTs when I load it up. I will try tonight! Do you have any insight on where I find these after I install overbridge? Should they be available in the audio units area of logic after I install overbridge?

They’ll be under “Elektron” in the plugins after installing. But OB has issues with the latest version of Logic, so until it’s fixed it may not be all that useful anyway if you’re on 10.6 (see Overbridge & Logic 10.6 - #2 by dshipp)