Overbridge & Logic 10.6

We have discovered an issue when using Overbridge on Mac OS Catalina after updating to the latest version of Logic - 10.6. This issue impacts audio streaming via the plugins.

If you have already updated Logic to 10.6 on a Mac running Catalina, your Overbridge device can be used as a Core Audio device for multitrack streaming and recording until a fix is available for this.

If you haven’t yet updated, please refrain from moving to Logic 10.6 until further notice.

We are collaborating with Apple to help them provide a solution to this issue as soon as possible, while we continue to prioritize our work towards Big Sur compatibility.


I’m currently running Mojave with Logic Pro 10.5.1 and Overbridge and everything seems to run fine for using the Digitakt overbridge plugin in Logic.

I know a few people have reported that they’re getting these audio issues with the plugin on 10.6 so I’m holding off upgrading Logic Pro.

However, I’m also having some unrelated screen flicker issues in Mojave, and I believe I need to upgrade to Catalina to fix that.

Can anyone tell me if they’re able to run Logic Pro 10.5.x and Overbridge successfully on Catalina without any major issues and without macOS forcing Logic to upgrade to 10.6 please? I don’t want to upgrade to Catalina to fix my screen issues only to find it causes overbridge issues.

Also @Elektron what is your predicted release date for supporting Logic Pro 10.6 and Catalina for Overbridge. I also think you should make it very obvious on the support page for Overbridge that you do not currently support Catalina+Logic Pro 10.6 as it would be very easy to end up with the wrong setup.

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accidentally upgraded to 10.6.

hope for a fix soon @Elektron


I have been successfully running Catalina and 10.5.1 with no issues. You’ll want to disable automatic updates in the App store, which is obnoxious, but that will keep Logic from updating.

Protip: everyone should make a habit of backing up their current version of Logic before upgrading. Right+click and choose “Compress Logic Pro X” gets it done.


Patrick, that’s incredibly helpful thank you. I have full system backups but the thought of trying to restore from one of them if something goes wrong is painful, so knowing I can just do the “Compress Logic Pro X” trick is brilliant.

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AAX please

I have Apple Logic (10.6.1)) on Mac Catalina (10.15.7). Downloaded the latest version of Overbridge and installed the Audio Units plugin version for Digitone, Digitakt and Analog Rhythm 2 (AR2). Only Digitone is available as a plugin so I go into Logic Plugin manager and the Digitakt and AR2 plugins are showing as ‘not validated due to internal error’. I found out that if I check the Use checkbox anyway (for the failed validation for the Digitakt and AR2) and restart Logic they show as validated. Either way, I can’t get any of them talking to their related hardware despite all 3 devices being connected over USB directly (no hub) and the devices all being in Overbridge mode. Anyone else got this issue. TBH I think I’d only use Overbridge as a sound editor - seems to have a few issues that could disturb my workflow.

Hi, new owner of the Digitakt here, and unfortunately I come to the party already being on Big Sur and Logic 10.6!

Is there a way to be notified when these issues are sorted?? Rather than checking back here daily?



Welcome to the forum!

If you don’t want to follow Elektron on social media, I suggest signing up to Elektron’s email newsletter. You can find a sign-up box at the foot of their support webpages, for example here:


Thanks Peter, I’ve just signed up to the mailing list. :+1:

I’m a software engineer (albeit in a different industry). I’d be more than happy to beta-test the fix. Let me know if I can help.


Any news regarding this topic?


Welcome to the forum!

All the news is in this topic.

Thanks Peter, To bad, i was hoping i missed a news flash :slight_smile: Overall OB has been a struggle…
First real problem was that i couldn’t get my macbook running anymore after installation of OB. It completly froze when starting up.
thank god for time machine and backups ( altough my last backup was from 2017…)
then, lots of latency and distorted audio signals… which i first thought were related to my macbook, but cpu meter is fine, and i do have enough free disk space…
anyways, i’m already ‘happy’ the cause of this problem is know and will be taken care off.

Still no fix for this issue ? :confused: I’ve spent 80% of my time with the AR fixing OB issues …


I hope this happens soon…


Hello guys,

I hope everything is fine and you are holding up beautifully.
I’m currently working with Catalina 10.15.7 and Logic Pro X 10.6.1 and Overbridge 2.0.44 flawlessly for A RYTM 2 and A Keys and Digitakt.

I hope this can help.

Hello can we have an update on the Logic 10.6 issue please? I feel this should be a priority for elektron, the issue was reported Jan 21 and April is now upon us! I understand we are still in pandemic etc but it hasn’t stopped you launching an Octatrack in new colours. I personally consider your products as having a premium price tag and in exchange for this I expect premium service. A major function of the product not being available for 3 months and counting does not reflect this. Attracting customers with new products and then failing to fulfil is not good for the long term reputation of Elektron, I’m sure you agree.

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+1 on @awrussell 's post.
I actually stopped recommending elektron’s instruments because of their stability issues and the huge amount of time between the promesses to fix those and the actual fixes.
Please do something so I can use my AR again, since my studio configuration does not allow me use it whithout overbrige.


Théo L.


Hello users, I’ve had an email from Elekron regarding this issue and thought I would do you all the courtesy of posting here. I stand ready to be corrected but it doesn’t look like Elektron can be bothered to keep customers updated, well via this thread anyway! Really disgusted with how much lack of customer care is being shown by Elektron, especially considering the price of their products.

We’ve worked with Apple and identified the cause of this issue, it happens due to a bug in Logic 10.6.0 and 10.6.1. As far as we know, Apple are going to include a fix for this in the next update of Logic. However, they don’t share their release date plans so we don’t really know when it will be out. I hope it will be soon, though!​
Best regards,

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