Rough encoder on syntakt

Hi Everyone,

On my Syntakt the D encoder feels rough with more resistance than the others.

I’ve been trying to ignore it, but it’s starting to get on my nerves.

Looking for advice on either living with it, or if I should take this more seriously and send it back for repairs.

I’ve tried “working it in” by spinning it in both directions for a long while, but that does not seem to make a difference.

Best regards,


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I have the same issue

I think it needs to be sent back to Elektron

Hi Gino,

On my ST I have 3 encoders that have more resistance and make a slightly different sound, compared to my two DTs and one DN that are flawless in this regard.

Also the volume pot on the ST seems more loose than on the DTs and DN.

Since I have been using it I have found that the resistance with the encoders seems to become more even over time and/or it might be my extreme attention to detail… If there is an issue after all there is always at least 2 years warranty in the EU and I trust Elektron will come through if there would be an issue.

I did go into testmode to see if the encoders work properly, but since they do I decided there is no problem and started using and enjoying the ST :notes:

I hope your issue is like mine and will go away so you won’t have to send it back!

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Can it be that the encoder knobs are just touching the faceplate? If so, then just pull the knob a mm up or so

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Have the same issue
It’s not the issue with touching faceplate - after removing the cap it’s clear that the pot itself is noisy / gritty
Both my 5yo DT and 2yo DN have much smoother encoders
I’m already in touch with Elektron and will be sending the unit to then next week

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I have the same issue, except its worse because my C and E knob has so much wiggle room, I have to turn the knob more than others for it to register the difference and its hard to make small incremental changes, on and its quite annoying because my digitakt and digitone encoders dont behave this way at all and feel silky compared to my Syntakt.

They all kinda have this gritty kinda resitance, and I dont mind it too much But my C and E knobs make me spend a signficant more time trying to nudge them just right when working. :frowning:

Thanks everyone, I’m a bit torn, so I’ll work with it for a week and if it doesn’t improve I’ll contact Elektron for a repair.

It’s not touching the face plate, and I’ve taken the knobs off to check that.

Since D is the encoder to set trig conditions, I use it a lot.

I sent in a support ticket, so we’ll see how much time and money it will cost to repair it.

It’s a small thing, but also a big thing. I’ve given the encoder a good work out, but it’s still rough to turn and does not seem to be changing.

The issue is that when I’m selecting values the extra resistance makes me miss. Every time that happens a voice in my head says “get this fixed”.

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On my unit encoder E has more resistance than the others. Since it seems to affect various encoders I‘m wondering what the cause might be… are they placed by hand or mechanically?

You just bought it right?
It is under warranty they should give you a new unit no repair

Sad to read this because on my Elektrons all encoders behave quite similar.
Not fulfilled non-functional requirements are allways annoying.

If it hurt’s I would ASAP ask for an exchange and not fiddle around with long lasting repair processes during warranty.

BTW: That helps Elektron’s Quality Management as well: Be customer focussed and learn fast.

Yes, it is brand new. It would be awesome if they sent me a new exchange unit as I’m really enjoying it and don’t want to have weeks of waiting for a repair.

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My G encoder is also driving me crazy unfortunately. The encoders are much worse than the ones from my digitakt. Couple encoders turn pleasantly again. But the G feels broken and scratchy, sluggish and noisy…

I don’t feel like waiting for weeks either. :smiley:

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First thing I noticed upon receiving my Syntakt was how cheap the box and overall packaging was compared to Digitakt/Digitone. I’m surprised the unit survived shipment to the USA. Surely it’ll be spun as “recycled materials and going green”.

Second thing I noticed was how cheap the encoders are compared to Digitakt/Digitone. Not just how they feel and perform but visually, they’re slightly greyer/lighter black than the encoders on Digitakt/Digitone. Syntakt costs more than Digitakt and Digitone but honestly feels just slightly cheaper in quality.

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I’m not sure what you all got but to me syntakt feels the same as digitakt and digitone. I have all 3 next to each other and I couldn’t tell you which one I was touching if someone reversed the order lol. All knobs and triggers feel the same (well except digitone smaller triggers).


I feel the exact same regarding encoders - have all 3 Digis and DT & DN are identical (very smooth in motion) whereas ST stands out as noticably ‘gritty’ / not smooth (plus one of encoders being total garbage - will be replacing it)

Same issue here… All encoders are fine except F, which has like double the resistance. Kind of ruins the vibe for me :confused:

Yeah, while I don’t own the other mid/high-tier boxes, I’ve played a Digitone and the ST feels more or less the same. Maybe QC was just a little worse this time, or maybe there are just more people online to publicly discuss their issues instead of just sending them to Elektron in an email.

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For the price of MacBook air Elektron pack their units with crappy and cheap pots, that instead must’ve been made with premium quality as musicians will use them a lot! . Send your devices back to Electron and let them fix those problems. People must not suffer of bad experience after they paid 999 euro/usd.

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