Roll / Note Repeat?


Will AR have a roll / note repeat feature (with adjustable quantize rates)?

The retrig button on the pads left seems like it might allow it but strangely i haven’t seen it demo’d in any of the namm vids?


From what dataline has been saying about the forthcoming “perf” and “scene” modes will do far more than that.

Think of crazy remixing & glitching of how your beat flows by the pressure you apply to the pads.


yea i’m well aware of that but a roll feature is still very practical on a drum machine (just as much as an arp on a synth :wink: )


The Retrig feature wasn’t implemented at NAMM yet.


ok but any idea if it will act as a roll/note repeat? sounds kinda obvious it would but retrig on other elektron gear works sort of different with time&repeat values… i wanna know if it can latch with set quantize values


I don’t know but I would imagine it may work a couple of ways. Probably the more standard quantized trigger with the pads and the retrig button on the left. But perhaps the trigs will have retrig controls more like other Elektron boxes. Hopefully we will know more soon!


I really hope the retrig offers a kind of note repeat with quantized rates (like on tempest or maschine). I think dataline mentioned in one of the videos that this will be possible but is not implemented yet. Looking forward to more information about that


I really wish there was a retrig option on the A4/AK as well, under the note page.

Pattern retrig (ala Tempest’s beat repeat) on the Rytm would be even more welcome.


after eventually getting a padKontrol working, i am completely enjoying the way they implemented the Flam and Roll toggle buttons, and the ease of influencing the speed or flamminess via the xy touch pad.

really, really cool. the X value maps to the lowest bpm value of the slowest rolling note send out from hitting a pad on the padKontrol, when the Roll button is lit.

the Y value maps to the highest bpm value of the quickest rolling note data stream trigger.

this works incredibly well, although i never thought it would actually be all that much fun, it is, in particular, with the Machinedrum.

anyway i do hope Elektron implements some similarly innovative Roll Toggle option. not to hold up the padKontrol as some pinnacle of midi control evolution, just saying it really implements expressivity quite well when rolling.


Can you be more specific? I’ve been using mine & it seams fine. Pressure works, quantise works & I can even latch it on.


How do you make quantize work with the retrig ? I can’t manage to have it work like on a sp1200 / mpc, I always have my rolls start as soon as I touch the pad.


For exemple: when i touch a “retrig” + Pad = NO SOUND, it looks like i didn’t touch the pad at all.
To ear a sound i have to “hit” the pad. it’s impossible to start from zero velocity to maximum velocity.
it’s very anoying. it make the pads impossible to play live w/ them.
and i’m not talking 'bout playing w/ the chromatic mode… it’s worst…
as i’m not english fluent it’s not easy to explain.


Are you talking about being able to hit a pad & have the roll gently fade in? Velocity curve?
Sorry, have no experience with the MPC.
Quantise works with the left/right buttons when ReTrig is pressed.


yes! extly what i’m talking about. especially when i hit a pad softly and play w/ aftertouch.


I have say I’m having a little bit of an issue with the “retrig” function as well I think. The first is that when I am in “live” record mode and using the “retrig” button with one of the tracks, the retrigged notes do not get recorded. It seems to only be recording the first pad press and none of the retrigged notes. Am I doing something wrong?


I have not managed to make it work. I guess its not implemented or maybe i am doing something wrong.


yes! extly what i’m talking about. especially when i hit a pad softly and play w/ aftertouch.[/quote]
Yes there seams to be an issue with + velocity curve. If you wind in all the way down to -127 it comes in hard then rolls off. I would expect the opposite when set to +127 but it’s appears you have to hit it hard then you can lower the pressure.
Not ideal but it’s early days. There are a few other issues especially with locking values to Perf & Scenes. I’d expect an o/s update in the not too distant future if past experience is anything to how by.


So, have anyone figured out if it is possible to have retrig function quantised to the sequencer. As in that it will start retrig at the next sequencer trig after retrig + pad is pressed. Now it starts retrigging immediately, which means you have to be very accurate (or talented?) to get the retrigs on beat.

And also, do your pads behave differently when engaging retrig mode? On some of my pads i can engage retrig by softly pressing down the pad. I can kind of have the finger resting on the pad and going in and out of retrig mode by gently pressing it down and releasing. Some pads i have to hit quite hard to get it to start retrigging. Most pads are somewhere in between. (all pads have the same retrig settings)


This is how the Push works, it basically locks onto the clock and rolls depending on what timing you have set up. It even adheres to swing values. I have to admit I’m still a bit confused with the retrig feature on the Rytm. Or like soviet said maybe we’re just doing something wrong?


this is how it works on most gear I have owned or try (mpc/sp) the way the retrig is working on the AR is ok but it should be switchable to the locked on the grid mode wich is the usual way to have this function work on other gear