Roland VT-4 (updated vocal processor)


This is gonna be an instabuy for me, been waiting for a preamp/vocal box and they fixed everything I didn’t like about the VT-3: smaller box, better looks, better interface, din midi input, TRS out, better algos. Just waiting on price.

Very rapid non-promo demo - lots of fx variety crammed into this thing.


Let‘s see how that goes. I really wanted to like thr VT3, but it just didn‘t deliver. Thanks for sharing!


Seems great!
Is it possible to fine edit the engines maybe with a computer editor, or is it only a preset box with very few editable parameters?
I have Izotope Vocal Synth 2 and i found myself frequently tweaking the Advanced parameters to match my song.


Watched the video. First half I was like “meh, big deal” then the midi keyboard came in and everything changed!

I looked at the VT3 some time ago and it was just missing some key stuff for me. If they keep this at a not too dissimilar to VT3 price point then will be keeping an eye on this one!




Oh hells yes.
I’m imagining picking one of these up and flexing on the other dudes in my band, one of whom insisted on running his vocals through terrible pedals into his guitar amp…


I am impressed by the new Roland. They really seem to be interested in designing interfaces with a high level of direct manipulation that are deeply useful for live performance. Good stuff.


Yeah, I mean I think that was the original stated aim of the whole Aira line. But the more recent products seem to have refined that concept a bit. I think they realised they left a bit too much out of some of the first products, feature-wise.


There’s a really fuckin dumb discussion on reddit right now full of people who can’t hear that the snare in this tune falls on beats 2 and 4. The artist herself even showed up and told them so, and one guy is still arguing. Oof


That’s hilarious.


It must be really hard for the poor dude to accept that she can both sing and play the drums way better than he ever will… :wink:


Haha I love it when folk make complete tits of themselves like that. Pure cringe.


I had the Roland VT-4 for about a week and decided to send it back. Playing the robot voice with an external keyboard was fun, but I found the vocoder voices to be pretty unusable. Worst of all, you can’t control the amount of distortion, robot or vocoder separately. Their volumes are all on the same fader, the delay/reverb has its own fader. However, none of the robot, distortion, vocoder and effect are editable. The delays sync to midi clock, but you can’t set up at what intervals. Autotune works fine. All in all I’m disappointed.