Roland trademark 808 and 303


Hey bro, you’re entitled too an opinion but face it. While you’re in protest, others will be making amazing music and enjoying these so called clones…



I’m not “in protest” though, just having a discussion, I’m not really all that bothered about it all, which probably doesn’t come across in text form, no one has to justify their reasons for wanting these products least of all to me, but by the same token I’m just saying how I see it, I don’t think my opinion is the only valid one either. You do you and I’ll do me :wink:


Fair enough :blush: I just think even you would enjoy this offering from Behringer, a company that just wants to provide something that no one else does…


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Roland is not big enough to take on Behringer and win. Behringer knows that


They have before. And behringer settled out of court :wink:


In a court, the people will not have the same experience in synths as us. Ask a random family member if they can tell the difference between a Tr-808 and Rd-808. Im pretty shure behringer nows that going to court can be a gamble.


Does anyone know if Roland went after 303 clones? Like the BassBot is almost a 1:1 copy.


They have. Even though everyone seems to have made this topic about Behringer, I think some of the smaller guys are gonna get hit by this too.


Yes they had to change the look of the Box, also the RE 303 box was made without replica Roland on the front.


I think DIY options are not going to be of concern to Roland as it isn’t a big company behind them and it isn’t going to compete with Roland products since it isn’t available to buy assembled and most people don’t have the skill to build them. Also I don’t think it would stand up to legal scrutiny, in the same way that someone selling ingredients to make say big mac sauce wouldn’t.


I agree with you, but that also brings to mind the cool-looking eurorack 808 clone shown here:

it’s not DIY, but it is open-source.


From reading the Roland statement, they sounds like they are going after everyone. Little guys and big guys alike. The aren’t just looking to put a stop to companies by flexing a trade dress patent. Their statement talks about companies using their SOUND and CIRCUITRY design without permission. Roland hasn’t abstained from coming after small diy companies in the past.

This could mean they are targeting eurorack companies, sample providers, diy kit providers, cloners, app designers, & vst designers.


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