Roland trademark 808 and 303


They come free with every Roland purchase


Good point! I’d completely forgotten about that one. This could give Roland some nice ammo if it decided to go after Behringer on trade dress.


Cant get much cheeper than free :grin:


Less green on the TR-8S though. One of many reasons to love it :grinning:


Yeah the TR-8s looks quite nice, the MX-1 I can just about bear, the aira fx modules look nice too, but the other aira stuff looks a bit naff I think.


The worst problem I have is the system-1m green leds being too bright to the point where it is a pain for the eyes in dim light. But the sound of this thing is just too good, so I just have a light nearby to accomodate this. I wish they would had the option to dim the leds.


Taste in their choices to bite.


How any writer/musician can be against protecting IP is beyond me


So, we all can deduce that Roland is doing this in part to set up a case against Behringer. That’s almost a given. But what I would like to know is the following:

What synth/vst/app producers besides Behringer could this affect?

Personally, I think that is a more important question as Roland and Behringer have boxed it out before, they will both be relatively unphased. Legally though, I don’t think Roland can pick and choose who they go after if they are making a claim of protecting their IP. It’s likely that going after Behringer will mean going after some of the smaller guys. Roland flexing has previously cause the removal of the much loved Rebirth from the App Store. Roland has also forced small diy companies to change designs. So, I’m thinking I’d really like to know who else could be affected. Is there a phenomenal boutique clone I should be looking at before it gets eliminated by Roland?


Yes I find it quite strange too. Think how you’d feel if some big artist just blatantly copied some of your music and had a huge hit with it without giving you a penny, and everyone was like “well you should have just done it yourself, it’s not the record companies fault you didn’t manufacture, distribute and promote it yourself”


Are we gonna talk about the Winstons now ? :rofl:


How any musician can be against affordable instruments is beyond me


Not even remotely the same situation.


Right, and not from the standpoint of “I can save a few bucks on a Model D :smirk:” but from the standpoint of “people who cant afford instruments can now have more options to create music on”.

Im all for better instruments with better quality and innovative features, but why be against the more affordable options which opens doors to more people for music making. It should always be about the music, not the companies making the tools we use to create.


Same principles, face it. Guy takes something someone else created, copies it, sells it without permission, and does not pay anything to original creator, aka IP infringement. I’m not trying to get on the moral high horse about it, but that is about it in a nutshell.

You can justify it whatever way you choose to, thats fine, but to say it isn’t the same kind of thing is plain daft.

It has nothing to do with me being against affordable instruments either, and since I buy affordable instruments myself like Korg, Roland, Pocket Operators etc that point is moot.

Had these been done officially, and a bit more effort put into the design, and some modern features then I’d probably be interested in some of them myself if Behringer didn’t have such a bad reputation. It is ironic to me that the most interesting thing Behringer have done is the very affordable and good value Neutron, an original design with some great features. I still think the visual design is ugly and I won’t buy one because it is Behringer, but the point still stands.

To me these clones are boring cynical copies, I’m certain they will sell well though.


Who on here is saying they don’t like affordable instruments? If you’re just putting words into any mouths for the fun of fighting about it, that’s on you. Just please do it with someone else.


It’s not like Behringer is the only brand making cheap gear though


It’s called sampling. It gave us some amazing albums, but now it’s highly regulated (er, litigated). :wink:


i have no interest in clones (or even re-issues) but I must admit that Behringer clones are the best I’ve ever heard. They are 99.9 percent accurate (based on comparison videos I’ve seen). I actually have no issue with the vintage clones. Accurate replicas of old gear no one can afford to purchase or maintain.
Minimoog, 808, etc.

The crave is the one I feel is a sort of scummy business practice. Even so, I care very little for the struggles and frustrations of multi million dollar companies like Moog, Roland, etc. The company that provides you the best path to making the music you want, you should buy from.

With that said, I had a Behringer u-phoria 8-input audio interface. What a piece of junk. 250 for 8 inputs! Best deal ever right? I learned the hard way that you get what you pay for. Based on my tiny experience with a Behringer unbeatable-price-product, I’m just afraid to buy their stuff. I’m not sure Behringer will ever get over it’s poor reputation.