Roland SE-02


can anyone confirm if the output is stereo (thanks to the delay) or mono?

also, re: tilt stands premade:


It outputs stereo. That’s how my interface defaults (UAD Twin) on Ch 1&2. I don’t recall the delay really taking advantage of it though. There’s no spread or ping pong that I’ve run across.


so effectively mono on a stereo jack, a’la Korg Volca Bass, Beats…



So, if it is 2 mono out in a stereo jack, can I use only 1 mono channel on my mixer (connecting the stereo cable to the mono channel of the mixer?) and sound Will be the same of connecting the stereo to cable to 2 mixer channels?

(Sorry for the stupid question but it is very importante to me because i have only One more free channel on the mixer)


I don’t see why not. I can try later, but I don’t think running off just one channel will matter.


My biggest struggle right now is whether to keep the A4 MK1. Seriously, the SE-02 is so big, it makes me question why I have this A4. Compared to the SE, it sounds small and complicated to use.

I currently have my A4 on CL, but no ones biting. Today I’m noddling with it to see if I can coax some big sounds out of it. Probably doesn’t help that I’m also noddling with the SE . The SE just seems fuller, brighter and heavier.

The 2 next to each other sound vastly different and do not gel well together.

Edit: in Poly mode, the A4 gets bigger. Nice chords


go Unison!


And give that new FM drum soundpack a go before you sell the A4. That stuff is pure gold and not something you can easily coax out from the SE02


Just make sure you’re not using a TRS - TRS cable for connecting into a mono channel, as this could cause odd behaviour if your mixer inputs expect a balanced signal from a TRS interconnect.


I thought the same when I played a Dominion 1 at a mates studio. Tone wise it crushes the A4 in every aspect and it’s a joy to program compared to the A4.

I sold the A4 without hesitation (before the MK2 announcement) and ordered a Dom1.

Would do the same with the SE-02 these days.


Still trying to get “that” sound out of the A4. Tried something different below (please don’t laugh). A4 blends in with the Minitaur and SE. The SE is the loud, kind of out of tune thing in the middle. Love that though…


Is normal a4 is a beautiful and powerful gear with huge possibily .
But alone oscilo is low and cold but with every feature is madness alone. But when i use my other analog dreadbox with him i need some traitement with a daw to reajust the sound of the ak.


Nothing to laugh at there at all.


A couple more recent demos:


Teo questione:
1)It has midi out that si also a midi thru? I didn’t fine it in Manual.

  1. it receives well program changes via midi?


It responds to program change via MIDI, yes.

I’m not sure about MIDI Thru support - I thought by default the Out port was also Thru on the Boutiques but I can’t find any hard info on how the SE-02 behaves. There doesn’t seem to be a setting to turn thru on/off, only channel selection (1-16 & omni) for listen & send.


Ugh. I can’t get myself to sell the A4. It’s so rad. But the sound just doesn’t quite gel with the SE or my Minitaur…ugh


Why not group bus the synths through AH, Strymon Deco, or something comparable. This might provide some good gel. Have you tried hairspray or pomade yet? Some people prefer them to gel because of its different levels of hold/sheen.


Everything runs through the AH which is the last device in the chain.

It’s hard to explain but the A4 sounds duller than the SE and Minitaur. I imagine that has to do with the filter.

But like I said. The A4 is pretty sick in its own right though…

I’m curious what the sound of the SH 01A will be like.


I just took my A4 off CL. For like the 10th time in the last 4 years LOL!