Roland SE-02


Havee you tried using that “dullness” to your advantage in the mix? I generally find that its good to have tonal differences in instruments between the foreground/background elements, and I always prefer to do this without resorting to eq if possible. So if the A4 sounds duller to you, use it for elements that you’d normally high cut in the mix anyway…? This will leave plenty of freq space for the other analogs to cut through


This whole experience has taught me some interesting things about synthesis. That’s for sure. A4’s powerful. In every respect. I’m sure I’ll fit it in one of my half baked ideas that go no where besides about 50 listens on Soundcloud :slight_smile:


so, it’s 650 in japan. as much as i like it, it seems steep to me.
do you guys think it’s worth that much?


I think that’s a question relative to your situation? Do you have any analog modules already or anything else comparable? Are other new options priced likewise? I really like it and overall it’s the best sounding synth I have right now (apples to apples). You might wait and see how the Behringer D is priced? The Monologue might be the another new option as well or a used Pulse 2.


I think one of the things about the A4 is the filter arrangement can lead to dull sounds if the LP is closed to much, I tend not actually to use the LP unless I specifically want muted tones, I find that the SV filter can take care of most of my filtering needs most of the time.


Fair point. I have a modded werkstatt but rarely use it and that was close to the same price(after the mods). It’s just too difficult for me to try and dial in settings every time, but fun for sampling and experimenting. So, I love the fact that the se-02 can save sounds.

It’s just more expensive than most analog (and the rest of the boutique range) right now. I’ll probably get it eventually though.
I was just wondering if it was worth the extra cheese. Honestly, it sounds like it is.

I had a microbrute and even though it wasn’t so expensive, it didn’t feel worth the price bc it was very limited in sounds, imo.


Totally gasing for this little beast, I found a way to fight : I set my 4 A4 voices into Unisson mode and dive from there !!
I try not to forget that right now a second hand A4 can be found for the same price as a new SE-02.
This thought might make me strong enough to resist !!

:japan: :muscle: Ç “:eye::eight_pointed_black_star::eye:” ? :ok_hand: :dragon:


I love this thing so much. Instant gritty techno for me.


SE-02’s sick


I guess it depends on exchange rates, VAT and all that? In the US, the SE-02 is $499 and I haven’t seen A4’s that low. They seem to bottom out around $650 used or $829 new. I’d be all over an A4 for $500.



Why do these synths have to fight one another?


Images of a Nick Batt hosted Synthwars series


Oh, you must think I have shit for brains, and am not knowledgeable about synths or something.


No not at all. Unless these forums are for your educational purposes only. In fact, I don’t remember even saying anything to you in a condescending or attacking way. I’m sure you’re an expert, and much more knowledgeable than I. Just wanted to explain myself a little, I guess next time I should more straight forward?


Your enthusiasm for the Dreadbox is great. I’ve known what it is for months. Is it ok for me to like my Roland SE-02 now?


Sorry, I’ve just grown quite weary of everyone pitting synths against one another on forums. You seem reasonable so your opinion is appreciated.


Tbf, I was actually asking if anything was better earlier. Sorry for that.

Smiles and love y’all


That’s actually a really good point! If I had the spare money right now, I might actually be tempted by the idea, because the A4 in unison sounds absolutely amazing… alternatively using it as a monotimbral 4 voice poly would be also an option…


A4 in Japan is still 1500 or 1100 used