Roland S-1 Tweak Synth

Seems to have presets anyhow (of patterns and sounds, 64 each. Or if theyre saved together)


Sounds surprisingly good


One thing I’ve learned is that Roland is always going to Roland. How much they do varies.


A tiny polyphonic 101 that can fit in your pocket sounds great but am I right in what I’ve read that you can chop oscillators and draw your own?

If so this sounds pretty awesome for the price

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Ugh these compacts are killing me. The price to sound/ functionality ratio is always too good to pass up!

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So what’s stopping this being cheaper/better than the boutique SH01A ?

Is it a “101 alike” as they did with the SH-4D? Or does it have the properly modeled filters and oscillators?

Finally something new that isn’t way too high priced for my budget! Looks and sounds pretty good…

There is always a catch with Roland though, let’s not forget that!


ACB - so the latter

It will probably sound like the sh01a


Yes! I’m looking for The Roland Catch™


I‘m hyped. Was hoping exactly for this mini aira

sorry im not very familiar with how these roland boutiques or the sh-4d compare to the originals, is this likely to have that same rubbery filter sound and good enough analog emulation to be convincing?

the analog behringer one didnt sound very much like a 101 to me in the demos, but the sh-01a sounded pretty good, from what i could tell

in my opinion. yes, very close.
The sh01a was one of the best emulations

haven’t heard the s1 in person obviously but I know the acb stuff and had the sh01a


The SH-4D isn’t a ACB recreation of the filter, oscillator and signal path. It’s an approximation the most noticeable difference being the filter

The SH01A has that ACB modeling so should sound like the real thing

I have the Behringer 101 clone and to my ears it sounds really good, has that rubbery sound

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64 steps
The original 3 Aria Rolcas only had 32. I’m hoping they retcon this feature somehow to the older ones with a firmware update

thats good to know

i think i did know that about ACB, thats the more desired one of their emulation dsp models, i guess?

im sure the ms-101 sounds good i just didnt hear any demos that showed the more subtle muted non-acid sound of the synth. but generally i am a fan of the behringer analog mono recreations. i was gonna hold out for the ms-1 mk2 but this thing seems very nice. although i feel like there are a couple elements of the original that may be missing here? i cant remember what those might be since i never played one but i remember something unique about the arp and obviously the ability to mix waveforms independently is cool

but motion sequencing is definitely nice

oh yeah thats a good demo

Damn that’s a glowing review.
Even says at one point it’s the boutique but in a smaller cheaper package, with extra features. I’m still looking for that catch!

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The J-6 has 64 steps, and quite flexible options (variable length of steps, style/variations). But it would be awesome to have at least 64 steps on the T-8’s bassline… and pattern chaining !

Quite happy with this news ; I am gonna buy it ASAP for sure !

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  • More & larger controls
  • Midi CC controls (S-1 not having it is TBC, but other Aira mini don’t have it) edit: S-1 have midi CC!!
  • Mod wheel mod controls (didn’t see them in S-1)
  • 449$


  • Delay, Chorus, Reverb
  • Drawable waveforms
  • 64 steps sequencer with motion control
  • D-Motion
  • Built-in battery
  • 199$

Both 64 presets (I wish it had more being digital synths, but heh).
Lack of midi CC seems the only real downer for the S-1, but motion sequencing compensates this a bit.

I don’t need it, I already have a SH01a, but it’s getting difficult to resist…
Would be a great portable friend to the OP-Z


Thanks. Good summary.
I can live without MIDI CC and mod wheel (I’ve got the MS-1 when I want to really play live)

Seems like I’m sold