Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


GC’s website said they were all sold out near me. But for whatever reason I didn’t trust that information. Called. They said they had one. Couldn’t resist even though I’m broke :thinking:

And apologies for the low budget cell video. :flushed:


I can see these 909 / 808 replicas working well for the type of music you like to do. The heat will do a fine job of curing any excess ACB digititis as well I bet!

Now all you need is a wavestation, tg-33 or a D-05 and you can pretty much replicate all the classic technos :wink: A DT will be a great seq for em too


Fortunately for me, I have zero experience with ever using a real TR. I’ve only come close through playing vinyl or MP3s for the last 20+ years. With that said, ignorance to what a “real” TR sounds (feels) like is bliss :slight_smile:

I love these little boxes. They sound better than the samples I use.


My TR-09 sounds absolutely spot-on and I doubt it will be any different on the TR-08. I am pretty sure that nobody will be able to hear the difference between a TR-808 in good shape and a TR-08 in a proper double-blind listening test.

Samples can work fine too. For me these boxes are so nice because you get all the controls which you can tweak to find the sweet spots for whatever track you’re working on.

And the having the original sequencer replicated exactly is just so much fun!


I don’t have experience with a TR-909, only with countless samples, but from every directly comparison I’ve heard I actually prefer the TR-09 over the ‘real thing’. Not quite as much with the TR-8 though. On the TR-08, I do prefer the TR-808 – just has that bottom end warmth that hugs you, but who’s spending $3-4K on one these days? Not me. Not unless I win the lottery. For practical purpose, the TR-08 is fantastic.

You can argue endlessly on the size and knobs, but I think it’s fantastic Roland is doing these. Hope to have both the 08 and 09 at some point.


Waiting on my TR-08, just got the SH-01a and it sounds very nice, I no longer have a SH-101 to compare to but it gets close enough for me, the TR-09 sounds spot on to me, so I reckon the TR-08 will too, I think it is probably easier to get a drum machine remake closer to the original than a synth remake as there are less variables due to the simpler sound architecture and limited parameter ranges per sound.

It would be nice to hear a comparison with the TR-808 and TR-08 where the same levels, pitch and decay are dialled in by ear. To me though it does not matter if emulation is not 100%, I can already tell it gets closer to the 808 than any of the analog clones I have heard, so that is good enough for me given the price.


That’s the key. None of these are ever going to be exact 1:1 knob settings matches which isn’t possible with nearly any analog hardware. Seems like most are trying to match the knobs instead where that’s just a starting reference.


its cheaper than the original at the 90ies :slight_smile:


having either a 909 or an 808 device of any kind with only one stereo output is just retarded IMHO… gotta have at least one or two individual outputs on there


@djadonis206 Nice little jam! I always loved the fill function on the 808, really cool that they retained it for the boutique version.


You can pan instruments and get two outs. Or USB into the computer and create an aggregate device and have multiple outs and in.


Thanks! That fill makes it the funnest boutique I own. You can literally write a whole tune with it.


Some more TR-08. By far my favorite drum machine right now. Plus the MPC update


These boutiques are making me go broke…I want the SH now…ugh


I got one here and I’m pretty sure you do want one.


SH is sick. Curious. The boutiques synths are super powerful and thick sounding. So much so I’m having trouble balancing the mix between the TRs (08 and 09) and the SH and SE. The TRs sound small compared to the synths.

Not that I NEED ANY MORE GEAR (ugh) but I wonder if one of those little minifooger boosts or drives will help balance the drum machines. Anyone have any experience with these?



Analog heat / analog drive !


Heat’s rad. It’s on the master out of everything. I’m looking for something to just pop on the TR drum machines :wink:


Gain on your mixer ?


I don’t have the SE, but for me the TR-09 and the SH-01a go great together without much processing. What are you using as a mixer? A little EQ-ing might help maybe?