Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


Boss VF-1 is a treasure trove and can make any signal mono/stereo sound quite beautiful.
Sometimes I can’t believe such a tiny box can make material sound so rich, intricate and wide…
Special little box that :heart:


buss just your drums to the heat. sounds like the synths don’t need it


^^^ THIS!

Often you only want to thicken certain things in a mix… You can heat up the mixdown after recording once again if you need to.


Thanks fellas! I should be careful what I ask for :wink:

Now I get to geek out on routing cables :see_no_evil:


I bang on about it all the time but you can pick up an Aira Torcido stereo distortion module pretty cheap if you look around and it has a flexible tube-y distortion character with a lot of tone control. I permanently have my drum machines going through it.


How many Elektronauts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

At least Three.

One to say the lightbulb is too bright and at least two more to advise on alternative means of illumination.


Light bulbs can’t hold a candle to candles.


Agreed, all of the Roland FX Eurorack modules are great, unless of course you happen to be one of those hip next level goons who has to diss everything that Roland makes because “fuck Roland” :laughing:


If light bulbs were synths…

Edison = modular
Incandescent = analog
CFL = Digital hardware
LED = Softsynth



Most people justifiably diss Roland’s latest sub standard product range.
The Aira fx boxes are sadly probably their best recent products imo.
Hopefully Roland will surprise us with something great soon


Can someone post a comparison of the new bulbs. The new bulbs look dim in the demo videos. LOL LOL LOL


The JD-XA is great. If it had an aluminum body, it would be thought of as one of their best ever synths. The build quality has tainted it a bit unfairly.


Into the SH-01A right now. Plus some rewiring of instruments late at night here in Seattle :slight_smile:




He is The Egyptian Lover!


I picked up one about a week ago. I was just curious does yours have a strong smell to it?


A bit like the crazier Drexciya stuff!


Not that I’ve noticed. Curious,


I’ll agree with invisible_acropolis. Even a small number of individual outs plus the stereo would have been satisfactory. There is so much latency over the USB that it is practically unusable with other devices in a session. Creating an aggregate device does not fix it. The USB audio is a massive let down on all these machines. A complete after thought. Sure you can use it multitrack the outputs but you still have to edit the massive latency from the start of your recordings before you can play it back with anything else. The MIDI sync is very sloppy on them too. The only reliable sync is via the Trigger sync. Which doesn’t reset when you press stop. They do sound good though


I don’t know if it’s the same on the TR-08 but on the TR-8, by default the timing emulates an original 808. Meaning, individual sounds don’t all trigger at exactly the same time - they trigger fractionally after each other, and you can see this when you take the midi out and record it into a DAW.

On the TR-8 there is a hidden setting to change this so that everything on the same step triggers at exactly the same time.