Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


Yeh, when I first jumped on an 808 I thought what the hell why aren’t there any drum machines with fill and the switch. Classic plus extended came to my mind with the md but that’s about it.
The google switch is classic gold.


I noticed this too! :slight_smile:

I’ll mostly use the TR-08 at gigs for transition beats, along side Rytm and Digitakt (which plays sample based synth lines and mangled phrases).

It costs the same as the Infinity looper I just sold and will serve the same purpose, transitions. The 808 sequencer is fast and easy to improvise on, and under the hood of the 08 I can hard pan the kick away from everything else to better isolate it from other sounds for eq and fx, using two mono channels on a mixer.


I’d group the kick and toms together, and everything else can get a touch of reverb if splitting up the channels to two mono busses.

If I get one though, I’d most likely just run everything dry and mono mixed through one of Digitakts inputs.


I wish that on the 08 and 09 Roland had added a delay and reverb, it would have at least in some part negated the need for separate outputs for me, I use my Boutiques via USB into the MX-1 so panning is not an option. Having said this though any sound which I might want to effect separately from the others I will just sample it into the DT or OT and do it there.

I have been really enjoying the Roland Aira FX/Boutiques/MX-1 systems I have set up, of course they do not have the depth and flexibility (or pricetag!) of my Elektron setup, but they make up for it in their immediacy and fun factor always being in the sweet spot, actually same goes for my TT-303/606/78 and OTO Bam and Bim, hands on tweakers which are just so much fun to get something happening quick.

Its funny because in a way I have returned to my roots, in 1988/9 when I started out I had a 606, 303, 202, 101, Yamaha toy sampler a few fx pedals and a 4 track, later I added a Pro One and a few other pre-midi bits, then one day I took the whole lot to a music shop and traded in for some midi gear, but I never quite managed to recapture the immediacy and fun of that first setup, until now, I’m loving it.


LoL, that is the most confusing sentence I’ve tried to get through in a while.

Not tryin to be rude! I’m sober and still had to try with one eye


oh man hahahaha



I actually read that one to my wife the other day just to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Try reading it out loud and it sounds even stranger! Say it as a matter of fact and its maybe the most fun sentence I’ve ever read aloud


He’s just messing with us in the best way! Sometimes I purposely ask questions that sound right but don’t make any sense to people while they are working. I’ll smile a little and see if they catch on or try to answer but don’t quite know what the hell was just said lol.


It’s just an old swami gnome sayin,
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The hairs on my neck just rose. This is the answer to every gear thread ever. :loopy:


Aah sooo… I get now


Anyone grab one yet?


Guitar center has them in stock. No word on the one I ordered yet. According to the sales rep they are really limited in supply ATM. You can get them real cheap if you ask around, but no idea when you actually get them. A few weeks in august has now turned into MAYBE the beginning of august.


I was going to, but my Rytm+DT Live w/ TR-08 for additional percussion spice and transitions plan turned into Rytm+OT Live w/ Rytm perfectly capable of the spice/transitions.

OTMKII costing a bit more than DT + TR-08, but I do have every 808 sample imaginable already.
Rytm still the dense ball of gravity that controls my compass.


Yup. The GCs near me in Seattle have them. Just not sure I want to spend more $$$ on more stuff…especially another drum machine when like Adam kind of said, I have like every sample from every machine already…

But still. The TR-09 is fun to program and dink around with. I imagine the 8 is the same kind of fun


I had about 5 minutes before leaving for work and couldn’t resist playing with this thing. The last 2 boutiques I’ve purchased are super fun!!!


Are they available? Where did you get this one? :slight_smile:


I think he mentioned above. GC = Guitar Center


Thanks. Sorry for missing that. Damn, you Americans get all the good toys first! :wink: