Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


While the TR-808 build quality is amazing and practically military spec, I do wish it weren’t quite so HIGH. The surface size is perfect, but on a table in front of you it’s just awkwardly high. That said, the boutiques are way too small.


Thaaat had no bugs when it came out… errr…


I thought it was amusing that the CDM guy mentioning the TR-08 compressor for BD and SD and hoping that it will be added to his TR-09 in a firmware update, when it has been on the TR-09 from the start :relaxed:

Edit: Ah, seems he realised his mistake or it was a typo it now says he wishes it was on the TB-03.


Id rather get a tanzbar lite. Those things sound great and just offer so much more.


Another funny thing is that the instrument pots on the TR-08 appear to be bigger than those on the TR-808, gotta love the consistency :slight_smile: Anyway I pre ordered both the SH-01A and TR-08, roll on October!


You have to weigh the advantages of one vs the other.

One has parameter locks, individual outputs, and LFOs, the other has an iconic sound with a boatload of pattern memory, a compressor, and USB multitrack audio capabilities.

“More” is entirely subjective.


Not to mention arguably one of the most elegant drum programming interfaces of the 20th century, the A/B fill in and realtime playability of drum patterns on the 808 set the bar for many later machines, certainly influenced Elektron machines, the fill function on Rytm is undoubtedly inspired by the 808.


I want this for my collection of stuff that i like but never plug in.


Will definitely be looking to get one of these to replace my OG 808 that was nicked some years back, cannot face the insane prices that original 808s are going for these days…

They’ve definitely nailed the styling on this one compared to the TR-8, only thing missing is the massive end cheeks


Ok, i see!


was this already posted? It has a comparison of the og vs the TR-08:

In all fairness, the settings are nowhere near closely matched, esp. the levels are off, but my ears still heavily favour the og BOB… the 08 sounds to me like nepheton vst


The Egyptian Lover video did make me giggle!
‘Here’s how you program a beat, I’ve been doing this years’ - then misses timing laying down the kick! Hah!


Just one stereo out on it. I’m assuming you can pan each instrument out to separate them. That’s the only rub with this little guy for me. No analog outs. And forced to use 96 24 and agregate device or have they changed that?


Still the same as in 09, same USB, hard pan only for the voices.


The 08 bass sounded weak as hell compared to the OG, but that could be the post EQ treatment they mentioned…


The decay on the 08 BD was set much shorter than on the 808 and the level was lower, also the hats were much louder on the 08 and the snare was lower in level and had less body, I dare say in time we will get to hear a proper A/B comparison, the 808 sounded better in that clip but without equivalent settings.


I’d pay 300ish au second hand but no way $550 in Australia. I have a Drumstation which isn’t the best clone but it has front cut, gain/dist, tune, sep outs …
It’s funny how the tr08 is pretty much original except they had to add sub steps. Hi hat rolls are so hot right now. Lol.
I went to my local mall yesterday and before when walking past shops you would hear the good old 909 oh; tss tss tss tss but now it’s the 808 hats rolling like a mf.


Once the digitakt gets ob these small Roland machines will be great companions. Everything could be tracked out to your daw after working in them standalone. Only need a a few open USB slots or something like the overbridge. Portable hybrid set up. I wasn’t a fan because of the 1/8" jacks but I’ve been playing around with the ju-06 I got and streaming into a daw and it totally changes the little box. Can wait for the digitakt to get ob too see how I can do with just those two machines. Might even add the 08 here if I like the work flow. Digitakt as the main sequencer controller say ableton, a couple of these devices and some outboard effects. Not sure anyone has a clue of the true possibilities of any of these new machines, the new Mpcs as well. Interesting times I must say.


AFAIK the roland USB audio enabled boxes need to be your main audio interface for them to work. Some of them also insist on a 96 kHz samplerate for your session. So trying to get the 08 to work alonside ovebridge might turn out to be a hassle/problematic…


I’ve been using the ju-06 running into ableton and playing out of my monitors all week, so I’m not so sure about that one. Now overbridge might be an issue. I will have to check it out with my analog heat but I know for a fact I could run the analog heat plus my Roland eurorack units and out of my sound card. So hopefully the boutique series wouldn’t be any different

Edit: at the very least you could track them out by switching the interface. Too late tonight for me to change my setup around, but I’ll keep it in mind for this next week.