Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


hmmm… I still prefer having just one Tr-8, instead of having to combine a tr-09, a tr-08, a tr-707 and a tr-606 in hardware or samples to achieve practically identical sonic results. Also, the interface on the tr-8 is haptically superior to most of the boutique series. the tr-08 does look nice though.


Looks alright.
16 sub steps to the 16 steps possibly an interesting twist.
Professional number of patterns compare to the Aira tr.
Like the compact size.
Battery powered is good.
Australia tax makes it less appealing. $549 presale here.

Own and enjoy the JU06 and JX03, after selling and missing the originals and limited space. The older TB03 and the 101 remake look more appealing and less doubling up though, considering the machinedrum+rytm won’t be going anywhere. Don’t ‘need’ any of em, but do love the form factor and with midi cc, and the appeal to build a hardware REBIRTH station is undeniable.


To be fair I’d hardly call any of that lot famous, I mean it’s not like they have Bieber and Gaga endorsing these.

Egyptian Lover was playing with 808’s right back when it first came out, to be honest if I was not already very familiar with the TR-808 I think I’d be inclined to value his opinion more than most, so I guess that is why Roland got his input.


So looking again, it might be 512 16-step patterns if you include variation switches.
Wow, Roland.


That really puts this in a different place vs the limitations of the tr8. Hopefully they tweaked the hi hats a bit. I always thought the tr8 hats sounded overly bright and plasticy. Nothing eq couldn’t fix but interested in hearing this one.



I’m curious to see which instruments get “added” tune and gain, CDM says BD and SD get the comp.
Surely the BD will get some tune love, but I hope the hats do too. Variation on the 808 sound will be paramount with all those pattern memories.

For electro boogie producers, this will be hard to resist.


yeh so the size, interface changes, the sub steps and increased pattern memory really does kick ass and puts it over the TR8, and i could live without the built in delay and reverb, altho that is pretty useful… but the added sound editing for each part on the TR8 is pretty key - and yeh a tuneable 808 kick is incredibly useful and i always take advantage of it, also the built-in modded kick (BOOOOOOOM, BOOOOOOOM) is key as well, also its best just to have 808/909/707/606 all together … but as it is the TR8 sequencer is useless to me and i never use it, i just run MIDI into it from either the OT or PC

anyways im planning on selling the tr8 to fund a Rytm pretty soon, and im not sure i will need those 808/909 sounds directly since i have tons of samples of them already and the Rytm can just load those in already… but its good to know i could get the exact thing back if i really need it…

who knows… when it comes to doing anything electro I really enjoy lots of heavily layered drums and dense patters with lots of variation, so it might end up being pretty good for those extra voices


i completely agree!

why? ofc it’s basic but does the job…


16 steps only, yes it has A/B parts but its too fiddly when Im trying to play it along with other gear… especially elektron stuff because i have a specific flow for working in the 4bar/8bar paradigm


Definitely getting this. Will save me lugging my original 808 around in a hold-all, rattling about with all my cables and power adapters.


One thing I got to say about the Egyptian Lover, and I’ve been a hard-core fan since the mid-1980s (west coast, baby!) is that every time I’ve seen him perform live he brings one of his TR-808s on stage and constructs beats on the spot. Battery power is cool, but I wonder what it would cost (or even if it’s possible) to re-issue an actual full-size TR-808.


The point is you would be a fool to listen to these guys when they are obviously endorsing the product. I mean what do you think they are going to say?
It’s just marketing and advertising
Once a product is available to the general public we can start paying more attention to opinions and reviews, without money and obligations involved.
And btw they call me the Aussie Lover, well the woman do anyway hubba hubba :lips::kiss::eyes:


If you watch the video Egyptian Lover did on the TR-08 he even says he’s not endorsed by Roland or anything. Dude just really digs it.


…and we should listen to you?


So how is he one of the few to have even used one then :wink:


No don’t be rediculous. That would be crazy :loopy:


Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


A 99% replica known as the Yocto 808 gets the job done. It only costs about 800US for someone to assemble it for you.

I haven’t used it on stage like Mr. West Coast, but in the studio it’s fun. You write patterns on the fly and use the mix out into ableton to process. If you had a 10 input soundcard you could process each individual output too. Sometimes you need compression on some outputs and sometimes delay or reverb. Sometimes you can just rock out to what you did on the mixout and use live as your efx box. I only have 8 ins on my soundcard but I can track 8 outputs and process them.

Whether you’re using a yocto or TR-08 doing 808 patterns on the fly is fun. Part of the drum machine / sampler obsession is to use it as an instrument and play along to songs. Weird concept right.


As a TR-808 owner, I’m not excited by this, but I am curious to see A->B comparison videos with HQ sound. I’ve long thought they would not have the capability to do a boutique clone that matches up.


re: boutique sizing…
for having kept the battery compartment, they did a much better job with panel layout than the TR-09.

Overall, the boutiques are almost exactly the size of a TR-606, and I’ve always regarded the TR-808 as the big King where the TR-606 is the smaller Prince.
It’s good to have all that knobage and power in a 606-size box.