Roland Boutique TR-08 (808)


It’s sad I get so excited when Roland/Korg include the ability to save more than 16 patterns or the ability to actually chain them, but that’s the current state of things. This is good news.


Yeah it’s an odd one that - as if famous/successful musicians have a better idea of what gear sounds better. They may have had more success deploying that gear, but that’s a totally different thing.


It’s amazing how good a piece of gear can sound to these rock stars, shortly after they’ve been handed bags of cash. Seems legit


“Hi I’m Jeff Mills, and I’m here to show you the Akai Rhythm Wolf”


Oh the poor Wolf. It cops such a hard time


This one, in particular, could have really benefitted from the ability to program pitch changes into the sequencer for the kick, snare, and toms imo.


IIRC Mr Mills does not endorse any of this gear does he? AFAIK he didnt really feel the TR8 AIRA lol


issa joke


Knew that, but just wanted to point out that Mr Mills is an exception to most :diddly: I bet teesto would love to tho!


No, I was only joking. He did endorse the Beatstep Pro though.


Throw enough money at old Jeff and I’m sure he would crack like the rest of em. Everyone has their price. Mine’s about 75 cents


He did? News to me


It does, because it’s a bag of useless dicks. I got one for free with points from Andertons having bought a guitar there. Its biggest triumph was having a PSU that fit my Retroverb when its own PSU crapped out.


He did indeed.



naah just kidding


$349 each, for both new boutiques


I imagine this through the Heat would really set it up.

For me I’ve always loved the 808 hats, need that shimmer…


Got my eye on this one. Had to depart with my Acid lab Miami recently due to home repairs and this might fill the void. Looks like they upped their game in the build department with those toggle switches. Hard to get an idea of how small the knobs are. The other boutiques were made for hobbits. Sh01a looks hot too.


Not GAS’ing over this… would only do that had they gone analog for at least the kick. I’m sure it sounds great, no arguments there, but the 808/909 is just so well covered (market saturated) at this point especially with samples. I have anything I could ever need for them as it is. I much prefer machines that can imitate to some degree, but are different and have their own distinct character.

From a pure collectability point, yeah, I’ll probably get a TR-09 and TR-08 at some point. They defined most of my youth and music taste, so it’s a 2nd kind of cool. Yes, expensive toys to collect, but that’s the fun of it to have the 303, 909 and 808 boutiques. I know people who have thousands more in Star Wars toys! :joy:


I use the wolf for sequencing my norddrum2. I taped the norddrum on top of the Wolf’s knobs. Perfect match in that regard.