Return of the 90's Warehouse/House sound

I don’t to be honest. I’m well out of the loop these days, when I hung up my headphones I wound right back on the vinyl buying to the point that music dragged me off doing the band thing then on to doing my own thing. If you’ve got time its worth checking out the UnityFM website. They have dedicated shows for different genres. Reminds me of when Kiss started up in Manchester years ago. It’s re-ignited me a lot, creatively.

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Nice one :slight_smile:
Yea likewise. Dj’d exclusively in the late 90s here n when i hung up me headphones to focus on writin tunes i pretty much stopped buying records too.

Ill check out unity :+1:

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I like it because they play all sorts… from an R&B tune to a house tune to a jungle tune to a drills tune to a D&B tune etc etc. A pal used to have a weekly show playing the sort of stuff I referenced when it was online only. Plus I can get it in the car:grinning:

It can be a bit rough around the edges, bits of dead air here and there but that just adds to the vibe of it for me.

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Thanks for flagging that gig up. Just bagged some tickets thanks to you !

Last time I sawTom, it was in his other capacity as a Sound Architect speaking at an Immersed event organised by Subpac. Really looking forward to this…

Balkan Vinyl


That sounds awful and pretentious.

I haven’t bought tickets yet , I should / probably will.

West Coast confusion from S.P.A.Z crew.
We become fashionable every 10 years.

Warehouse days of glory you say?

Which sample pack was this? Sorta trying to get a feel for what’s being referenced - my experience is mostly US East Coast here. I don’t think it’s ever really gone away, just gone to more of the not-club venues (if you know what I’m referring to). It seems like there’s still a distinction between that at Drum code-type “mainstage techno”, but no one really seems to fuss about it too much.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. It’s this one

When I was referencing styles it’s always a generalisation but when I think back to those tunes they usually had distinct choruses, verses, breakdowns etc. Not so much automation of filters etc. think Korg M1 bread and butter sounds, 909 drums usually behind a rhythm sample. Not detracting in the slightest but generally of a less polished production. I could list some examples but I’d just get carried away posting my favourite songs!

Ah, go on then…

Trust me, I could post hundreds!


So you’re basically referring to the more UK-y and slightly more underground-y variant of Eurodance?

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Yeah I guess so. I deffo hearing more stuff these days that’s arranged in that style. There are a few classics of the genre to come over to us from the states too. Ones that immediately spring to mind are…

There’s probably a lot of stuff that gets labelled as “Hi-NRG” or simply “House” that you’d also greatly enjoy. Dig down! :slight_smile:

Prime example of the newer stuff I mean

Piano, vocal, breakbeat and a dirty bass line. All good stuff.


that ain’t a breakbeat :wink: but it’s good to hear that kinda stuff again :slight_smile:

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In related but not identical news, in case this is anyones cup of tea…90s style jungle label Green Bay Wax has some bangin stuff. :slight_smile:

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Oh the memories…


“Legacy Pet” from the new Clark EP has a distinctly 90s vibe (and this is a good thing):


Check out his red Vauxhall Astra in the image! I guess thats retro now…

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