Retrig on midi


Before I bought a DT I read the quick start manual and read that retrigs could also be performed on midi tracks (page 23 to be precise). Now I’ve started playing with it I can’t seem to access the retrigs like I can on the audio tracks. Can someone please let my know how I set the retrigs on a midi track.
Thank you fellow Digitakters

Midi Re-triggers possible on Digitakt?

As far as I know, there is no midi retrig. People have requested this feature in the request thread though.


Thanks for the quick reply. That’s a bit annoying as I bought the unit partly for this facility. Doh!


Sorry if this has been asked I searched and didn’t find an answer. Is it possible to do midi re-triggers on the Digitakt? If not, is this a feature that may be added?

Thank you!


It is not possible.


Aww man!


:(((( Will it possible in future? Or is it Not possible?


Since Elektron isn’t talking about future improvements, I guess asking is as futile as using a cockerel to predict the weather.

If the cockerel crows at break of day
The weather may change or may stay

(german county lore / approx. translation)



Yeah this is one of those features that is very sorely lacking.