RESOLVED / Bax Music : mistakenly sent refurbished DT as new!

Just received my unit today from Bax Music.
I would STRONGLY advise to avoid them as the unit received is a refurbished one that belonged to a guy in London (I am in Spain).
Unit was declared faulty and was sent to me with a RMA code: 3374865
Absolutely disgusted from Bax Music who now does NOT answer emails.

It is terrible that you had a bad experience. Those things should not happen. I would suggest though not to post here names of persons that have nothing to do with the incident that happened to you…just my thinking.

Done :slight_smile:
You are right…
Although I thought that this very guy would still be expecting his unit back.
Will never buy anything from them again.

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Ah now, I understood your idea. Btw. it is good that you post here your experience with Bax. I thought several times to buy something there, but was never sure if I should.

You said you wrote them and they did not answer? Is it possible their answer ended up in your SPAM folder? Things like this happen (at least) to me all the time :smile:

Sorry to hear, but why not give them a call before posting here? I´m sure they will help you out. Ordered many things there. Good support.

Also tried this but they told me to write them an email…

I have heard similar things from users of a German synth forum… in those cases I THINK(!) Bax ended up refunding them, though.

Maybe your bad experience can be solved by returning the item as well.

Hope this will sort itself out dude!

I am going to wait feedback from Bax and Elektron as I wrote to them also. If @Olle is around …
In the meantime I al not going to send back an item which already has a RMA code… Things would probably get worse…

You make it sound like they did it consciously but to me it sounds like a logistics mistake. I m sure they ll get back to you. I ve dealt with returns etc multiple times with them and had no problems.

That said, Bax is outcompeting everyone but the very largest on price, and at a massive scale. Costs have to be cut somewhere. We have to guess how they do it but this mistake might be a symptom of that.


Also, i find i get things sorted quickest with them when i use the return web forms on their service pages.

I understand what you say. Nevertheless I did not mean they did it on purpose. Although the box was opened, I got all the RMA papers as well as emails between the original owner and Bax… At some stage, someone at Bax should have noticed something.
All in all, if this is not done “on purpose”, this is a Big mistake and a client lost for them.

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My last 4 music orders came from Bax over the last 6 months… Never had any issue with them. I guess it’s most likely a logistic issue. Have you tried to call them ? It’s probably the safest way to solve such problems.

Tried but they told me to email. Which I did. No answer.
Not going to send back something that already has a RMA N° until I get further instructions.
Funky thing is that the reasons it was sent for (ie unit freezing on boot up) has been fixed…

Oh ok. Not a good experience anyway, hopefully it gets sorted out soon.

Tbh I think it’s a human fail and all will go good for you…

How long do you wait for a reply? Two hours?
I advise to give at least one working day.

Maybe they have no time to reply, because they are searching for an unit they repaired for some random guy from gb?

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Bax go the extra mile and will send you out packaging to return your item and a downloadabe print for the courier. They have a no quibble policy and if not satisfied will reimburse you. They are probably a bit busy so keep the faith.

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Your thread title is pretty explicit though…

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Thread title was changed :slight_smile: not by me :wink:

I changed it as it was too vague before - it’s factually accurate now afaict, it doesn’t imply wrongdoing, it seems like an innocent/inconvenient clerical/handling error

I m nitpicking here but i read the title as Bax intentionally trying to sell a refurb as new.

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