Remix Carl Craig’s “From Beyond”

i think it was a link i clicked when going through the sign up process. after i’m done work, i’ll see if i can track it down for you.


Just to say, slicing the bass is a chore on OT, its legato with no gaps, so finding slice points is a bit challenging :laughing:

I found the T&Cs:
Bit of a mess. Prizes are different to what’s on the main page. And I’m no clearer on whether it’s cool to use other sound sources or not :man_facepalming:


Thanks for finding it @looms :+1:

glad you found it, section 2.6 for reference. and yeah, the guidelines are not overly clear.

“The Remixes will be judged by Beatport’s professional Curation Team according to the following criteria:
5.2.1 [audio production (50%)]; and
5.2.2 [originality and creativity of Remix (50%).] “

I hope this does not mean some over produced “competitive” DAW track wins, but I bet that is exactly what happens as is usually the case with these type of competitions.


Seems a bit weird that the top listed prize is to be considered for a release on Planet E if Carl Craig isn’t even one of the judges.

There’s a good track name.

I’m sure whatever I come up with won’t have a chance of winning but it might a fun project and having a deadline is not normally a bad idea :slight_smile:

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I’m out, I reluctantly downloaded the loopcloud program to try to find a sample, as per the rules, and quite honestly I just found the whole thing not for me. SAAS and subscription stuff is of no interest to me, I don’t know how other people have the patience for it. I really did not like the “competitive” user interface, it was a bit like trying to find something to watch on Netflix, and I hated it, terrible design IMHO, too cluttered and everything on the screen competing for attention, ugh. It has a walkthrough which asks which DAW you use, as I don’t use one I skipped that, and was still able to download samples, but nah, just felt a bit too cookie cutter for me.

So I closed my account that I had to open to enter, and unistalled the program.

Prior to this I had downloaded the stems, and got something going, but as the rules are a bit too vague, and the bass and pad stems are not really too great for doing much with, I decided to give it a miss.

Edit: 4,000,000 samples library is quite an achievement, but it just felt too corporate and “industry” “biz” etc. for my taste.

To use an analogy it was like the difference between iTunes and going into a local independent record shop, I’m more a record shop guy.

I would be interested to hear any of you guys entries though if you feel like posting them.


that is pretty much my impression too. the stems were sparse and i didn’t find them inspiring; everything else around the contest looks poorly outlined at best. it’s just a marketing scheme to get people to sign up for loopcloud with a credit card and a 30 day auto renewal.

i’ll be downloading whatever free samples i can and cancelling/uninstalling immediately after. i like the idea of this, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

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worth a crack, i’m making techno at the moment anyway. i will use Loopcloud for precisely one hi-hat sample and then do whatever i feel like…

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Had 3 promotions emails from them today, oof, buyers remorse :laughing:


NB i really enjoyed this read, for those of us who are sceptical about this whole SaaS approach to music, the sausage factory paradigm (from renting your plugins through to languishing unnoticed on BeatPort): Plug-in Capitalism - Bellona Magazine


The stems don’t retain the same tempo throughout :ok_hand: Ah old school :scream::joy:

I think for me the rules were not clear enough, aside from all the other stuff mentioned.

Substantially different but retains significant elements??? A bit vague to say the least.

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I understand it like this:
Substantially different = don’t decorate the original track
Retains significant elements = conserve the sound signature and feel of the original track (ie don’t make it a pop song :smiley: )

I think it means it should be recognisable ie not twisted to the point where you’d have no idea it came from Craig’s original but not simply like a re edit. A remix basically!

On the entry page it says to “Slice, timestretch, pitch and process” - which again seems a bit contradictory to the above 2.4.2 quote, possibly I’m over thinking it though.

But I bet the winning entry will sound nothing like the original, I’ll be happy if I’m wrong though.

To me a remix should be recognisable to the source (although it is not always the case) using the same parts, drums etc and possibly adding some stuff and a different arrangement.

As I said earlier, I am probably over thinking it :laughing:


They’re trying to sound dynamic while also trying to ensure it sounds like a remix and not entirely new track.

Using a loop cloud sample could be just triggering an 808 hihat sample once within the entire track.

Ultimately they’ll get lots of exposure , signups and email addresses and Carl Craig may get something worth releasing , and ‘exposure’ …
I wonder if it’s one of those situations where no one is getting paid, it’s all for exposure.

From the loopcloud ig account when I asked about using other sounds:

“You only have to use one Loopcloud sample, you can use any other sounds you’ve made yourself alongside it and the stems. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:

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I’m in. First remix competition… how do these work? Can I share my track here? With fans? Or is that against ToS? Sorry if this was already answered in this thread. I’m surprised how much I like the original. I found it on this release: It has plenty of sheen/reverb compared to the stems (which makes sense). Stems sound cool though, I like the bleed.

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