Remix Carl Craig’s “From Beyond”

And become an happy Octatrack user!

Download the stems


Or become depressed because the Octatrack will f up your mind trying to master it. :slight_smile:
Just kidding.

But then it means you’re already a happy user :wink:


One of my favourite tracks of his, I’m in, like er Flynn.


I’m a little bit annoyed about having to pay and sign up for a SAAS loop/sample thing that I will never use to enter, but I’ll cancel it once entered.

But - Thanks for sharing @LyingDalai I’m looking forward to having a try at it.

Oh! Hadn’t seen that.
I guess it’s why they make trash emails for…
Not fond of such practice either.

I’m pretty sure they offer a free trial.

Yeah free trial but you have to put in payment details, and they charge £1 (which presumably they refund when you cancel)

I didn’t have the foresight to use a burner email :laughing:

Also note that the stems are 88200khz, so I need to convert them to use in OT.

Have to use at least one sample from that loopcloud thing too, so I will have to download their app to get that, bah!

Fair enough, I didn’t get that far… A bit of a bother for sure but I think I’ll still have a crack at it, it’s Carl Craig innit! :slight_smile:


Exactly, great track too :wink:

I don’t love the practice either, but if Carl Craig is getting even a tiny amount of VC money, I may just sign up to kick him a few more bills.

No mention if multiple entries are permitted, AFAICS.

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Yeah that’s the purpose of the contest

Advertise loopmasters sample pack and Elektron Ai Ai Ai and Propellerhead

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Hard to tell if other sounds are allowed other than the stems and something from loopcloud :face_with_monocle:

Yeah it is a bit ambiguous, I think I’ll probably just stick with the stems plus one loopcloud sample, just to be on safe side.

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I’m all for creative limitations but it’d be nice to have some flexibility to use other sounds. I’ve asked on a loopcloud ig post about the competition. Will report back if they respond.

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i read the terms of service, they indicate only one entry per artist is allowed.

pretty anemic stems :thinking:

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that was my first thought too. i’m not a fan of a few things around this contest, seems like a loopcloud sales pitch and not much more.

Looks like there is some clipping, there is a bit of bleed too, but I guess since it was originally recorded in 1989 onto multitrack tape it is to be expected (the bleed at least).

Not sure whether to do a remix in the spirit of the original or something totally different :thinking:

@303abuser got a link to the TOS? I could not find it.