"Reload All Samples Now Yes/No?" i forgot what this is for

If i copy a sample from one of the Record machines, and paste it into a Rom slot, Machinedrum asks me if all samples should reload.

I understand this wipes the Record machine memories if Yes is pressed, but i’m just wondering … is it possible to select “No” and then exit the Sample Manager and continue as usual?

Just not quite sure what the function of reloading all the samples is actually for.

Cheers for any advice.

Et voilà!

cheers, i know how to save the contents of a record machine. Well acquainted with this process.

i am trying to understand why there is the option to Reload Samples, Yes/No.

If it is possible copy a sample from a Record machine and paste it to a Rom machine, and then to say No and continue on as usual, why is the question there in the first place?

(from the old forum)

Check page 71 of the MD manual:

The commands copy, clear, paste and undo are available in the sample manager.
You can, for example, copy content from the RAM machines and paste it into the
ROM slots. This is an easy way to permanently store a RAM machine recording.

If you want to permanentely store the content of a RAM machine, you can copy it and paste
it to a ROM machine.

  1. While in the SAMPLE MANAGER menu, move the focus to the RAM machine whose
    content you wish to copy and then press [FUNCTION] + [REC].
  2. Choose the ROM slot you want to copy the RAM machine to and then press [FUNCTION]
  • [STOP]. Since you can’t undo this operation you will be asked whether you
    want to perform the action or not. Press [ENTER/YES] if you want to proceed with the
    copy operation.
  1. A prompt will ask if you want to “RELOAD SAMPLES NOW?”.
  2. If you press the [ENTER/YES] button the content of all other RAM machines will be
    erased. If you want to copy the other RAM machines as well it is very important that you
    instead press the [EXIT/NO] key.
  3. When you have copied all the RAM machines you can either press the [ENTER/YES]
    key when being asked if you want to reload the samples, or exit the SAMPLE MANAGER.
    In either way, all the RAM machines will be emptied.
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yes, very cool. In fact, it would seem that reloading all samples now is the only way to clear the file/s in Record machine memory. Attempting to clear them in the Global Sample Manager won’t do it… no worries about that, interesting to note tho.

But yes, i understand why the option is there now. When copying any amount of Record machine samples and pasting to a Rom slot, all the files in Record memory will be wiped when returning to regular mode out of manager. The Reload Samples now question is ensuring the user is allowed to move any other Record files before they are cleared.