Red eye


I got it done yesterday. Final result is pictured down below. For my taste the display could be a bit more black, instead of the blueish black, but it’s fine. Looking at at it in real life, it doesn’t look as blue as it does in the picture above.
Also I had to mask the frame of the LCD with tape, as the light did shine through the white portion of the front panel. No big deal.

I still want to experiment with different color filters, mainly a red one. Should make the background more black, and inverted black/red might look cool. But maybe it’ll get too dark overall. I will see.

Btw. I didn’t change the display because I hated the red, but mainly because I hated the poor contrast.
Contrast and sharpness of the new display are a lot better, so it was worth it.


Oh wow I want this! Looks :heart_eyes:. My track record with opening hardware (in particular Machinedrums :skull_and_crossbones:️) is not good though so I shall just admire from a distance :wink:


@corri303 I replaced my Rytm LCD with a “black” one and like yours it is more of a dark blue, I was thinking of trying some film to change it darker.

Whilst researching I found this video which is quite interesting, although maybe not for the feint of heart as it involves partly dismantling the LCD:


Interesting. As far as my understanding of lcds goes, I’m not sure if you can enhance the contrast this way. It’s limited by the transmission characteristics of the polarizing films. They cannot block the light completely and apparently have worse absorption characteristics with shorter wavelengths (therefore more blue gets through).
You can invert the lcd this way by applying the film 90° rotated.

Maybe I’m wrong and there are higher quality films with better absorption. Either way, I’m too scared to try this out.


GOD DAMN IT…yer all gettin it DONE! Looks so good. I have the screens for MM and MD but no skills. I already completely destroyed one UI board trying to change the screen of my MD.
I NEED to change it. For some reason the red just destroys my eyes. Arrrrrrrg.

Awesome job!


Great stuff guys and great work. I have skipped forum for a few months and thats why I didn’t contribute to the thread. The desoldering descent solder sucker and solder wick wire are essential to safely remove components. If anyone replaces encoders bear in mind that front plate holes spacing is very tight and there’s no room for alignment errors.


Anyone try replace a screen on MD SPS-1 MK1–I dont like the Red Colour personally
id be keen on part numbers for MK1 replacements

thanks David


I provided them somewhere in this thread. Just scroll up.


thats sexy as hell!