Recording vocals in Octatrack with or w/out souncard

Hi there, a newbie question plz: I’d like to record vocals in the Octatrack MkII but I’m hitting an obstacle somewhere. I’ve tried connecting my Audio Technica 2020 directly into Octa inputs, no go. Now I ave it connected to the input of my Komplete 6 soundcard, which has phantom power, but is not connected to my MacBook (i’m trying to be completely DAWless for the moment). The signal’s going in to the Komplete, but nothing’s coming out - either via the signal lights on the soundcard itself or the Octatrack.
I’ve tried fiddling around with Dir and Gain in the Octatrack, to no avail. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I’d be happy to hear from anyone who’s encountered this issue, and any suggested workarounds.

50 bucks and forever solved problem :wink:


I have the blue one :wink:
Art preamp Studio v3.

But I bought a Perform VE, much more interesting imho.
Midi in, 8 additional voices, double, hardtune, 3 fx slots, sampler (8 voices), looper, drums, exhaustive midi implementation…
Cheaper version Perform V.

It’s possible to use a dynamic mic with OT, but it is noisy, for sure (compressor GAIN).


Impressive performance in the video! Looper with undo?

No undo. Apparently possible to use aux in for the looper, receiving midi clock (V2 update). I could synced it with OT, used OT cue + a DI to transform line to mic level.

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