Recording midi notes from ableton…?

HELLO community !!!

I try to record midi notes from ableton (with push) into AR but it doesn’t …:_(

I can trig but not record .

I follow this example :

Maybe I miss something to set into the AR ???

Need help!

PLease :wink:


Have you pressed record + play (record light should blink). Just pressing record doesn not record midi input.

Yes sure I did!

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I found that the record option only works in MIDI/USB mode and NOT in the overbridge mode. I think it is strange since triggering from DAW to rythm works perfectly but recording to the sequence not.

Also the recorded timing is pretty unstable… But it does work.

Did anyone manage to get this to work? I’m trying this with the Digitone currently and I have the exact same experience. The notes from Ableton are heard but I can’t record them to the Digitone.

Try sending midi notes to elektron midi, enable it in Ableton preferences first then send notes via midi track to desired elektron instrument and channel