Recording Digitakt + Digitone

I’m used to being able to record my Digitakt via Overbridge, simply by connecting the machine to my computer, opening the plugin in Live and hitting record. Now that I am a proud owner of Digitone Keys, I want to be able to do the same thing but record my Digitakt and Digitone at the same time via Overbridge.

When I’ve tried this, with Digitakt sending clock and Digitone receiving, and the Digitone plugin being used with Overbridge, i’m only getting the sound of the Digitone. The outs of the Digitakt are going into the Digitone and monitored through my speakers, so essentially I just want to be able to record what I am hearing through my monitors into Live.

Please help.

Not sure, I imagine you would need to hook up both via USB and create audio pathways through Live. Some smart person here will definitely have the answer or a link to threads with the answer.
The DT Keys is pretty nice, isn’t it?


Thanks. I’m going to try connecting them both via OB and having Live as the master clock. Digitone Keys is super fun, I’m really just diving into FM so definitely enjoying the journey.

I’m not sure either, but I think overbridge should allow for accessing numerous audio channels from the digitone, including each digitone track, the digitone mix out pre fx, the audio l and r inputs pre fx, and a final mix post fx of everything. I’ve seen that in the videos I’ve seen of overbridge but not sure how to access them in live - but I dont think you should need to connect both devices if you have the digitakt going into the digitone ins…


Do you happen to have any links to those videos that show that. I assumed I would be able to record all those channels with just one OB connection, so it is nice to know that you also have confidence in that.

Here is a thread of someone being shown how to access these channels in Bitwig - idk how you’d do the same in Live but it definitely seems available.

I’m only going off the fact that Elektron sells a USB hub specifically engineered to allow multiple Elektron devices to be hooked up to a computer at once. Having this, and audio through USB should allow you to set individual audio channels in any DAW that allows it.

Welcome to the forum! If you only want a stereo mix of the DT, you can use your same setup as you describe with the stereo ins coming through on the last two OB input channels of the DN. Off the top of my head, it’s either channels 9 and 10 or 11 and 12. If, however, you want all 8 DT tracks on separate tracks in your DAW, simply connect them both via Overbridge using two USB inputs. You’ll then have both of them for DAW mixing duties. For Live and OB tutorials search for @DaveMech’s Overbridge tutorials on YouTube. Very well explained there :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes thank you everyone! I reached out to Dave directly and he sent me a video in which he covered a similar topic. Thanks again.

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