Recommends on a eurorack filter

As topic ^^
Features vs cost always a consideration, whats your bang for buck go to?

WMD uHC. Two channels, multiple modes, expander option, very wicked sounding.

Polivoks. Just sounds great. LP and BP modes.

Makenoise MMG. Non traditional. Very unique hybrid filter/gate. Morph from LP to BP to hp. Strike input. Accent for resonance.

Definitely like the wmd one looks right up my street, seems to cover all the bases - the other also look cool but wmd seems pretty spot on. Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Depends on the sound you are dreaming of !!,

I don’t think high end in the euro rack world is all that great, especially for techno or electro

It’s just all weird east west coast American stuff which prOduces very fat and full farts and wind

I prefer Japanese space synths such as those made by korg or Roland

I do love arp synths and filters though

I had the make noise mmg and it’s not that great for my sound really - just a weird"filter which did nothing for me

I prefer doepfer filters and the wasp is where it is at for me - like a cross between a Roland and an arp

Not so keen on the MMG, much prefer MI Ripples, silky smooth & it growls! Most musical Filter I’ve heard, to my ears at least.

Koma SVF201 employs vactrols & that’s really nice also.

A lot of people rate the wasp too.

Never used Doepfer but they have a great reputation, especially entry level.

edit due to fact this forum is still crap on an iPad! :slight_smile:

I’d say the doepfer SEM filter is a sweetheart tone-wise, very musical, maybe not a ‘one-and-only’ choice, but an affordable slice of an iconic synth design

Filters are such a personal thing!
I personally didn’t get along with:
MI Ripples
Korgasmatron II
Doepfer wasp

Favorite filters so far
TipTop z2040
SynthTech e440 (may swap this out for a multimode though as i feel it overlaps with the z2040 and takes up a lot of space)

However, YMMV … a lot!

bangbuck is the frequency central diy roland filter. at the moment I like the sound of the serge resonant eq euro module best.

Filter are definitely a personal thing for sure.

The MMG is as stated not a traditional filter, and if you approach it as a such, you would be disappointed. It really sounds great once you get your head around that fact it’s a gate filter and with proper patching can lead to some very impressive results. Definately west coast.

Plenty of roland, sem, moog, arp, clones out there. I find most of them boring personally.

The synth tech filter is really nice but I do not own one yet.

So many choices…

Th 4ms spectral filter is about to be released. That at one looks pretty promising.

Thanks all - a lot to think on here.

2nd question (and I kind of suspect I know the answers will be marmite) - what do people make of the doepfer stuff in general? Is very cheap so much easier to fill a rack with, but what are they like in actual use? Which modules are genuine gems, which are totally passable? I think im in someways a little wary of them as they are so cheap - I listen on sc/youtube but 99% would prefer others advice on this stuff so I can research myself (and yt vids vary in quality with the demonstrators skills - can be misleading). Hell there are even vids out there that make the a4 sound crappy XD

Have you been over to muffs?
They’ll be loads of info over there. :slight_smile:

Damn right i’m reviving a 4 and a half year old topic. Seems to me it’s a timeless sort of question, and this is good enough it needs sharing.

Nick Batt of Sonic State just did a great video: 5 minutes with 5 filters. Specifically these filters are set up to “ping”.

No talking but there are captions that guide you through this.

Nick picked five very different filters here, so it’s apples and oranges, bananas, kiwis and pineapples, but that’s good because it covers the more complete range.

The filters used here:

  • Malekko Wiard Borg
  • AJH Synth Sonic XV Diode Ladder
  • Intellijel Polaris
  • Make Noise QPAS
  • Sqwk Dirt

Nick instead of putting regular audio through these filters, is using a rhythmical triggering sort of sound and setting a high enough resonance to get the filters to ping on the sound. Good fun!

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The Korgasmatron crushes all filters.

Such a huge topic …
my current small batch of filters include

  • VCF303 DIY
  • Rossum Morpheus and Evolution
  • Roland AIRA modular varieties

I’ve been eyeing that SMR4P DIY by tubeohm lately.

Think I need a lot more time to exhaust my current possibilities though; I think you could spend a lifetime trying out the options.
Mannequins/Whimsical Raps Three Sisters also looks very interesting.

In my limited read up so far seems choice ranges between features, musicality and extremism/surgically focused.

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I’d also suggest considering your envelope tool as a key part of how you make your filter work … not to mention gating, Natural Gate - though some might rightly say this is part of a coast to coast paradigm debate

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