Recommendations for self contained, stand-alone bass machine

Hi all. So, I’m looking for something small-ish and portable for bass, which would ideally do effects like distortion / saturation, maybe chorus and similar on its own. Different bass types, such as FM etc. good too, for variety. Doesn’t have to have on-board sequencer. Digital almost preferred, for flexibility.

I have a Minotaur, which is great at what it does, but I find it needs a fair bit of processing. Since this will be for (hopefully) live work, like I say - as standalone as I can get is ideal.


I think the most recommended is the Novation Bass Station.

The Digitone and the Waldorf Pulse 2 are also really good for bass sounds.

Toraiz AS-1 - It’s one voice of prophet 6. Analog synth with preset memory and digital fx.

Digitone - the most versatile synth ever and can also do acid as well.


Here’s last week’s compact bass synth recommendation topic:


As well as MicroFreak, especially with the new OSCs.

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Vermona Lancet
Korg Monologue
Roland SH01a

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Below are a few recommendations:

  • Dreadbox Typhon
  • EricaSynths Bassline DB-01
  • Novation Bass Station 2
  • Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1
  • Roland Boutique SE-02
  • Waldorf Pulse 2

Another option to consider is inserting an effect pedal or two in the Minitaur’s output chain.


Thanks for the suggestions.

My other thought on this, is - use my Virus Ti in multi-timbral mode. Really need a software editor though.

Might also consider getting a 2nd unit, so I have one for live work and one for studio, essentially also giving me an emergency backup.

Possibly swap some gear for one!?