Recommend active noise cancelling headphones to me

In ears

Over ears

What you got ?

Tried sennheiser and Bose, but sticking to the ath 50.

More review please


Sound cancellation abilities? Prices?


I read somewhere that noise-cancelling headphones can cause / exacerbate tinnitus. It was my teacher in a theater sound design class who said this. As somebody with moderate tinnitus, I don’t f*ck with noise-cancelling headphones much at all anymore. Most headphones usually cause ear fatigue (increased ringing), in my case. Pls take this post with a grain of salt, but be careful.

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You should not use headphones (especially in ear) when you are suffering from tinnitus. At least this is what most medical textbooks state. I think the evidence for this is weak, especially if you think about sennheiser for example developed anti-tinnitus headphones. I think one with tinnitus should try and decide for their own situation.

@Trabant why do you need it?

Not all noise cancelling, but…

@TrabanT I have found the Sennheiser PXC 550 over-the-ear noise cancelling cans to be top notch.

I’ve used them daily for eight months, both for my commute (bluetooth connected to phone) and synth noodling (wired connection to synth / mixer).

The ANC level is adjustable and the battery life is so good that each time I charge them I can’t remember the previous time. I haven’t noticed any DSP latency when using the wired connection so if there is a delay, it is trivial.

If you need Bluetooth, the range is surprisingly good. It will take a few meters and a concrete wall to cause it to stutter. Call quality is good enough to use these interchangeably with my Apple Airpods (which are surprisingly good). Importantly, you can turn the Bluetooth circuit off with a physical switch and inserting the wired connection cable (supplied) will also do that - useful behaviour for preserving battery.

They are comfortable (worn them while walking home in 30° Celcius) and the clamping force seems fine, though this is where things become inevitably subjective. The pads seem to be more durable than my friend’s Bose equivalents - purchased around the same time.

Good luck with your search.


I spend 30 seconds in berlin and I go crazy from the noise outside

I commute every day 2h minimum and I hate all public transport noise

Right now I wear shure 215 all the time

Thought I get more quiet if I had anc built in too

I can thoroughly recommend the Sony MDR 1000X’s (if looking for over ear). Generally considered the best all rounders.

I’m personally not a big fan of the Bose sound though the ANC works very well. Sony takes that excellent ANC performance but ramps things up in terms of sound quality (subjective but I have to agree with the reviews out there). Battery life is in the 20 hour+ range. If I had to pick a fault, I’d wish they charged quicker but then Im spoiled by my One Plus 5 mobiles rapid charge (mostly charged in about 30 minutes).

The 1000X’s have recently been superseded by a Mk2 variant - chances are you could get a Mk1 bargain if you look around.

In terms of in ear options - I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger on the WF1000X’s from Sony purely down to the experiences I’ve had with the over ear options. Battery life takes a huge knock but a more manageable option for my commute to work.


It’s a grey area - I’ve read that it actually improves things in so far as it reduces future degradation as you can, generally, listen at far lower volumes.

I suffer from moderate tinnitus myself. I don’t think it’s worsened over the past year or so of using ANC but I do feel more comfortable with the fact I’m listening at less than 50% volume (vs 75/80% in the past).

But, as you say, worth being careful!


Sounds good.
Can you compare to otheer anc headphones?

Thanks buddy

settled for the Bose qc 35

very happy

creamy bass

can’t hear anything bad due to Bluetooth quality

active noise canceling is great

240 Euro sealed box second hand. probably with warranty too.

pain in left ear didn’t persist after changing from sure sh 215 Bluetooth in ear

wore these daily for 3-4 hours