Re/sampled loop sync

Hey. I need tips on ways to sync a loop to whatever machine tempo and bars is set. depending on loop source bpm the results varies but that’s ok! I tried locking sample end on the last step but it had no effect :confused:

There’s no time stretch in the Rytm. So any loop will only play in sync if it’s at the same tempo as the Rytm is playing at the time.

Although with some clever pitch adjustments and equally clever maths, you can change the length of your sampled loop and possibly get it to play along at your chosen tempo. At the expense of pitch shift.

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im aware of that theres no time stretch, i think im after some alternative way to achieve it, to be used more like an effect rather than having a clean drum loop in sync :slight_smile:
ive got maths tho im not good at math :wink:

have a look at this thread, possibly some inspiration if nothing else

rytm does have another pseudo time stretch that frees up the LFO, utilising retrig.
as long as the sample is a perfect loop.

turn off velocity to volume on the loop sample track
in the velocity mod menu set one of the 4 modulation options to sample start point
set this start point modulation to +120 (maximum sample end setting)

place a trig on step 1 with 0 velocity
enable retrig on this step
1/16 or 1/32 or higher (experiment changing resolution)
length 16 (or length of the loop if more than one bar)
+127 vel

press play, change bpm


thank you, i’ll try this later

wow, that’s so clever! just had to say :smiley:

i only hijacked it from a MachineDrum start position PLOCK idea. Retrig just eases the process, remember to adjust sample pitch close to bpm if necessary and start combining other velocity modulated parameters and a (random pitch!?) LFO on each trig and you start getting into interesting audio terrain.

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95% of my posts are pure waft, so always pleased to see a 5+ year old post i have no memory of writing being of use to someone. :wink:

i’ll add that i remember using loads of retrig enabled trigless trigs with various probability & conditionals for interesting rhythmic structures and variation, i also would do this on a shared voice and set that with similar (re)trigs and shift their microtiming a bit for amazing stuttering as each voice cuts each other out at high speeds. !can get clicky!

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Or you can use my template to have it sliced:

Edit: Didn’t realise this thread is from 2018 :stuck_out_tongue: