Questions about (some day) upcoming Overbridge

Hi all!

While we are waiting for OB for our MK II units etc. I’d like to ask following:

If we speculate, what can we expect from new OB-technology? For example, I have both A4mk2 and ARmk2. How many tracks OB can handle simultaneously to DAW? Does two units make it more complicated or CPU hungry? Is there a hope to have them both working tohether in decent (mac) system?


should stream all tracks, there is a plugin for visual control, mappable to your DAW, should be solid

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If that’s the case then OB is worth waiting. I’ve already 4-5 songs made with A4mk2+ARmk2-combo which I am thinking whether to start to record them track by track to Logic or wait for OB to handle them via USB. In fact I was hoping to have OB on this summer to start this work on my holidays but probably that won’t happen…? I know, I know, it’s not wise to wait forever and keep new music not from coming, but I am lazy here. Why do it hard way, if there’s much easier way behind the corner…?

Anymore comments?

If you don’t get with another workflow you might wait a week, a month, all summer, or longer… Nobody knows…

If I were you I’d figure out another workflow that lets you finish material, and when OB finnaly arrives switch over on your next material you make after that… Personally I wouldn’t wait for something that makes it so you can’t finish your stuff when there is absolutely no way to tell how long the wait will be…

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Dont wait cause people in the 80ies dont had overbridge :smiley:
It´s not so much work to record every track if you have an good audio interface :wink:
btw. My Synths also dont have Overbridge and they be recorded oldschool with midi and audio. Maybe something to think about!

Yes. In next couple of months I start to record my stuff, with OB or without. Let’s hope for a nice suprise from Elektron.

Believe me I have a long history of recording my synths old fashioned way. But like many others here on the forum, one reason to get those new machines was the great idea of having them work like plugins with OB technology. (This other thread has over 2000 posts of angry people feeling betrayed when OB did not come as promised. But I won’t go to this talk here, there’s enough opionions allready :wink: )

My question was simply to ask, what can we expect from OB when it finaly arrives. This was mainly to those users which have experiences with older models which have it. I have no own experiences of any kind, but I remember reading that it has got latency or some other issues. New OB with new machines is hopefully better…

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Had no issues with A4 mk1 , didn’t have the rytm, You Can chose audio quality, latency to fit your needs,the fact is overbridge sounds " clearer" and i love using my hardware effects ans mixing desk, i ended not using overbridge at all !

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