Overbridge news

We have decided to offer Overbridge free of charge, for all our Overbridge enabled instruments. This means that Overbridge Basic and Premium are now simply Overbridge. The seamless computer integration of Elektron instruments, made possible by Overbridge, is a very important, useful and unique feature. It really elevates our instruments and boosts the production workflow. And we want as many musicians as possible to experience this. During the past seven months, we have been hard at work with the next version of Overbridge, which will support Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKI/MKII and Analog Rytm MKI/MKII. It is the biggest update yet and will be available February 2018. Some of the highlights include: - Free of charge - New standalone editor, allowing for DAW-less operation. - Improved plugin compatibility for several DAWs. - Enhanced performance and lower latency using our new multi-process architecture. ‡ - New reworked and unified graphics design with increased contrast and usability - Faster Total Recall and Automation. ‡ - Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality. ‡ ‡ Only for high-speed USB products (currently Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII). As evident with the coming major update, we remain committed to supporting and maintaining Overbridge. We are very proud of the software suite and want it to be an essential part of music making. We look forward to seeing how you will use it with your Elektron instruments.


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I can’t express how happy and thankful I am reading this



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yeah!! :loopy: cheers!!


F#ck me :open_mouth: - you guys rock!. Honestly, I think this is a great decision. More money left for me to spend on your future boxes. Now please give us AR MK2.


I’m fixated on what the ‘currently’ means!
Another highspeed box on the way?

Thanks Elektron!


Maye that stands for the AK MK2? :wink:

Probably just means that they want to manage expectations, especially when some folks are hanging on their every word :wink:


Great news!!! You lot will only end up getting it back one way or another anyway :sweat_smile:

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this is great news, but, I assume, we’ll now have to wait until Feb for a Digitakt back up solution which frightens me :fearful:


Woohoo! Elektron! That’s awesome!

Though I wasn’t opposed to paying for Overbridge, because it would be completely necessary, I appreciate the gift that OB will be!



—Also this :hearts:


As happy as I am about this announcement, I hope it doesn’t mean reduced commitment to OB. To be honest, the announced pricing model didn’t seem like it had been completely thought through (pay per device) and I’m happy it’s gone now.


Great news & great move Elektron. It will make development costs lower by maintaining only one version of Overbridge. :heart_eyes:

Nah! OB is Elektron’s follow-up calling card instead of relying solely on their sequencer to sell their gear

have to be happy about this announcement. still hoping the digitakt sees an update in december too.


Thanks for this announcement: it’s great to know that Overbridge is getting closer.

Unless I’m misreading things, this update doesn’t specifically mention the sample librarian functionality previously advertised: I assume this hasn’t been removed but wanted to check. Will we still be able to use OB to manage samples on the Digitakt, or will we need to find a separate solution?

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