Questions about Digitakt

In the first place greetings everyone. First post in the comunity, Im an Argentinian Elektronaut now!
Now there comes the questions:
Is it possible to write a trig with a midi chord and then make it jump between octaves quick or do i have to move all the chord manually to the next octave or so? Not as some kind of effect with an LFO or something performatic but as a quick function to edit the position of the chord.
Is it possible to mange samples in a project saving only those in use and discard the rest? or do I have to do that manually too?
And the last question is:
Im having this issue with my Digitakt… for some reason it doesnt want to send the sustain control to any of the external synths. My setup is Keystep with korg ps 3 sustain pedal>Digitakt>System 1m. When I bypass the Digi it does work… any ideas? How do I have to set this up to work like I want?

Thank you in advance people !!

Hi, welcome :slight_smile:

  1. Not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure this isn’t possible
  2. No, not yet. You have to manage this manually. Carefully selecting samples works, but it would be nice to have an option to see which samples are in use.
  3. Connect the midi in port of system m1 to the midi thru port of digitakt not to the midi out. That should work.

Hey, dave!

Thanks for your response. Dont know what you think about those features I mentioned. Wouldnt it be nice to have those? Maybe it could improve the workflow… I hope they address those in the near future.
Im going to try connecting the MIDI Thru!!

Thank you very much my friend.

You can micro step two chords so they are practically on top of one another. So a chord on trig 1 and one an octave up on trig 2 micro stepped till it’s almost on trig 1. Dialing in a chord which can be done in the midi menu is relatively fast. Not sure if that’s what you looking, maybe try it.

Nop, what im trying to do is writing a chord and then being able to switch that chord between octaves without having to use the knob to sweep the chord note by note to the other octave. just being able to press function and left right button and make it jump or something.

What if you use your external keyboard ?
You need to set up DT auto (= receiving) midi channel and your keyboard sending channel the same.
Then just plock your pitch by holding the trig you want to set to a particular note, and hit your keyboard.

Or standalone, Live Rec in Chromatic mode (Rec + double Play to toggle quantize mode)

Yo! On the MIDI tracks, what can you specifically not P-Lock? Can you P-Lock which CC you’re sending?


Another question with the DT- is there an ability to multi-map PLAY/STOP/PAUSE commands?

What would be AWESOME to me is to be able to notch through the trigless trigs on the midi sequencer so that anytime a certain command is sent to the machine it hits the next step on the sequencer(2) and stops until another command hits it and it progresses to the next step(3) which has it’s own set of locks.

Anybody know what I’m talking about? Does anybody know if this is possible? Just using it as a midi device primarily, but combining the internal voices could do some really cool things too(depending on samples loaded/loop/etc)

@PeterHanes, I consider you the MIDI Expert, any insight on this notion?

Possibly not.

It seems like you want external control of the DT’s sequencer. That’s not very common with a regular MIDI sequencer.

In most circumstances, you would be better just to send MIDI note and CC messages to the DT from your master sequencer.


I don’t have a Digitakt, but the information on pages 43-44 of the manual indicates that all parameters except the MIDI channel number can be p-locked.

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@PeterHanes any advice in the actual topic of the post? my actual concern was:
Is it possible to write a trig with a midi chord and then make it jump between octaves quick or do i have to move all the chord manually to the next octave or so? Not as some kind of effect with an LFO or something performatic but as a quick function to edit the position of the chord. Like you would do in ableton piano roll lets say. you select all the notes from a chord hold shift and arrow up and it quickly jumps to the next octave.
Im thinking they may have overlooked this feature and it could be a major impact on the workflow… I dont know…

The OT (essentially same MIDI sequencer specs) stores a Root note and three intervals (max) relative to root note

So a chord may be [C3] [+3] [+5]

to transpose just hold trig and dial the root from C3 to C4 or A2 or whatever, the intervals are retained (or may be changed if desired)

The OT will also (optionally) filter this through its arpeggiator which can apply scale correction

Yes, same does digitakt… but what im looking for here is to simply have a quick acces to jumping between octaves… not dialing through all the notes till I get to the next octave.

pressing the encoder down jumps in increments larger than 1 semitone on OT (but not in octaves) (octave surfing is possible on A4 oscillators by comparison) - don’t have a DT, doubt it’s possible

DT jumps in increments of 4 when press-turning the encoders.
Works in the midi tracks too, so that’s your best bet at the moment, but it’s fiddly.

Would be much better if we could press-hold the trig and either:
– Use the up/down arrow buttons to jump in increments of +/-12 (they even say Oct on them and currently have no function when used as p-locks on midi tracks), or…
– Use [func]+encoder A to jump +/-12.

I’m sure this stuff is already on the wishlist (not had chance to look through it) so maybe we’ll see improvements here with the upcoming update.

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Hello! I got a question.

If i Use DT as a master and midi-sync it with lets say a A4 or MD/MnM I can still have those machines running song mode right?

IYes in theory. There is a program change bug that some are experiencing which causes the digitakt to receive program change messages a bar late.

Thanks gonna try it out…Hope they fix it.