Question on hardware mastering chain

I am wondering how to setup the addition of an Analogue Heat in my audio path.
Currently this is my setup:

A4 in DN inputs
OT in MOTU in 3/4
MOTU main out in FMR RNC
MOTU out 1/2 in headphones

Mix 1: input 3/4 to main out
Mix 2: input 5/6 to out 1/2

I do apply a tiny bit of compression and EQ on MOTU main out before going into FMR RNC.

Now my question is: where should the Analogue Heat stands? Before or after FMR RNC?

I am willing to add a tiny bit of saturation as well as a little bit of bass to my mix.

Thanks for any hint :pray:

Id’ try it right before the RNC.
Let the RNC have the final say on output.
This should also let the RNC highlight a bit of the saturation as well


I would try both and see what sounds better to you. It’s hard for us to say without hearing the source material. There’s not one way that is “right”.

It’s kinda like saying, hey I’m making some soup, does it need more salt? Without trying the soup, none of us can say.


I agree with placing it right in front of the RNC. I’d also say it might be worth trying it in place of the RNC. It’s not a true compressor, so that may not work for you, but it might be worth trying. I have a Heat, but I haven’t connected it up in a while. Lately, I’ve been doing more single-box work, so maybe I should just set it up to run whichever box I’m working with through. Desk space is tight these days. Anyway, enough about me. Which MOTU are you using?


UltraLite Mk3

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Would an OTO Boum be an alternative to the Heat?

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Both very different really. So it depends on the feature that is most important to you. Heat can also be used as a very creative sound design tool and it has a lot more control over your signal. Baum is more focus and has a true compressor. It would make the RNC a bit redundant really. Sounds incredible though.

So… both :wink:


Hmmm, that actually makes me consider a Boum again.
I love my RNC, but wouldn’t mind something with a little extra.
Plus I love the look of the OT machines.


Yep… Dilemma

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I like the Heat after a digital synth such as the Monomachine, but where you want to place it I’d sell the RNC to get an OTO Boum.
Which I did actually.


This. Its totally personal preference. No right or wrong way. Depends what sound you like and what effect you’re after.

Play around and see what you prefer. Go with that.


Yeah, it’s kinda weird to me how many people need to be told exactly what to do. Plug it in, see what it sounds like, then decide. I never understand these types of threads.


Hardware wise, I find I get the best results using my heat to warm up a specific instrument as opposed to an entire mix. Usually use it on my AK.

I have an RNC as well it sounds like crap over my main mix output I only use it for live side chaining.

If your playing home studio. Just record the damn thing and use plugins. And if want the optimal best mix record seperate stems of each instrument.

If your playing live, record and consolidate anything you won’t be “performing” that’s just running and mix it on PC, spit it back onto the OT. Plus in that case you can run heat on more than one place at a time

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I agree with you that experimentation is the way to go. But it’s totally logical that people create threads like these because from a technical standpoint it’s interesting to theorize about these things. People learn from it.

Otherwise we might as well close the forum because why talk about a synth? Just buy it and hear for yourself! :man_shrugging:


Don’t really agree because what you are describing is a sound generating source vs discussing a sound processing tool. So much of discussing a tool that processes sound is dependent on the source material, which in this case, we haven’t heard. If OP had posted a clip of something and then asked the same question, it would have made more sense.

Otherwise we are adding salt to a soup we haven’t tasted.

It’s part of the reason why I only responded to BOUM vs Heat hehe. Sure there’s no right answer. But like I said this goes for every “should I buy this” thread. Bit weird to condemn it imho. The guy is asking for advice. Give it or ignore it :wink:

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Dave, I love you, but look at my answer. I gave him the best advice I could think of, which is to use your ears. That is the going to be the number one tool he has to solve this problem, and we often just ignore them.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I was genuinely trying to help.

For the record I love the AH.

I didn’t deny that dude :slight_smile:
It was just the gist of your post. That it is weird for someone to post such a topic. It’s not.

All good

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Thanks to all for chiming in.
I suppose my question should have been clearer: I like the way my compressor works on my mixes. I would like to add some saturation without quiting the nature of the compressor etc…
But then again, as I am lacking experience in this type of thing (compression, saturation, audio cain etc…) I thought I would ask. I also understand the plurality of posts on this forum makes it even more understandable in terms of organisation. I would have no problem if this post was deleted or joined to an existing one. No big deal :slight_smile:

Saturation adds db to the signal, i personally would do it before it hits a limiter.