Question on hardware mastering chain

I eventually went for an Analog Heat Mk2.
Second hand unit in mint state (still under warranty) at a very reasonable price.
I am going to put it at the end of my audio chain first to see how saturation and env follower behave.
I have been doing some A/B tests with the RNC and I like very much how the compression on this unit works on my mixes. So much that over the last year, I have been producing/mixing directly IN the RNC.


I am going to be trying basically the same set up, at least conceptually — in my case everything’s going to an A&H ZED18 mixer. I have a patchbay rigged so the Heat is normalled through post-fader aux outs on the ZED back to a stereo input channel, and see how that works as a master saturation and env follower/compression tool. Having it wired into the patchbay means I can also easily use it to process the output of any individual box to do more sound design-y type of stuff, or if it turns out to do better in the mix just processing one set of outputs at a time rather than the full mix. I looked at the OTO as well but also decided on the Heat. Very curious to hear about how things go in your rig!

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Will post some update whenever I set it up… It is on its way at the moment.
But sure I will.
At the moment I have bypassed (boxed) my MOTU UltraLite Mk3 to have only main outs of OT going into RNC. I will put the Heat in between OT and RNC to see what I can come up with :slight_smile:

I have decided to bypass (as long as I can) any additional mixer, patchbay etc… just to “limit” the amount of gear. Up until now it is more than feasible as I do not have that many sources (DT, DN, A4) going into OT.

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I am reading through the manual at the moment to familiarize with the device.

I am going to use the Heat at the end of my audio chain. I will bypass my MOTU UltraLite Mk3 to use the Heat in USB Audio/MIDI mode and will monitor through headphones directly from Heat.
I might, sometimes, also have a VSTi synth track playing which I would like to have routed through the Heat FX as well.
Also the plan is to be able to record in Reaper.

The Heat should obviously be set to USB Audio/MIDI mode to serve as an audio interface.

  1. Analog IN/OUT will be set to AUTO as most of the time the host (laptop with Reaper) will be off.
  2. USB CC mode will be set to INSERT.

Am I correct?