Question about the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+

Can the iConnectMIDI2+ convert midi out from a midi controller with only USB B connector to 5 pin Midi in and out without a computer?

I just saw Kenton makes a device that does this but it does not seem as versatile as the iConnectMidi2.

well… the Midi4+ (the bigger brother) can do this.

The Midi4+ has a separate USB B Connector which lets you connect a self-powered USB hub.
In this way you can connect up to 8 USB Controllers.

With the Midi2+ it’s maybe only possible to do the same with a USB Cable with Type B Connectors on both sides.
But that’s just a guess!

You can’t connect usb midi controllers directly to the iconnectmidi 2+ :frowning:
It doesn’t support usb host…
Only possible with the first version and the 4+
I had to exchange mine to use the lpd8 with the octatrack
Good way to get people to buy the 4+ hehe

oh well, that is bad news for me… Any other equipment out there that can do this?

If you wanted to send MIDI from a USB-MIDI (only) peripheral to your iPad, you would need the iConnectMIDI2+ to be connected to a Mac or PC as well - then you can send MIDI to DIN ports and other computing devices connected via a DAW.

Otherwise, for standalone USB-MIDI class compliant hosting, you will want iConnectMIDI4+.

Wish you the best!

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Thank you for your reply Josh_iConnect

iPad with USB hub can serve as a USB host.

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