iConnectivity Connect 10 Midi question

I have the connect 10 and the Kenton midi USB host and a five thru, I’ve tried but can’t seem to get a way to connect multiple midi controllers in my set up to the squarp. The Casio ct 670 which I use along with akai mpk mini don’t seem to like each other. Is there some thing I’ve over looked? I want to use the pads and octave range of both.

Have you been able to use either the CT-670 or the MPK mini individually with the Pyramid?

By “connect 10” do you mean “mio10”?

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Yes individually no issue
I just use the midi in on the squarp

But if I want to reach the negative c-1 I use the mpk, for c2 and above I use the CT 670

I’m hoping there is a way to configure the iconnectivity10 so that it will recognize them independently.

My main goal is to use the multitrack feature of the squarp, but I need to get more midi cables for that.

I have given a try on the software, so I’ll keep at it.

I was Daisy chaining before with the Kenton 5 thru and I used the Kenton midi USB host for the midi controllers.

If I have to throw those back into the mix I will.
Just have no idea how to route now that I’m using a new interface

The default behaviour of the mio10 is to connect “everything to everything”. If you connect both units to the mio10 inputs, does anything come out of the mio10 output when connected to the Pyramid?

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I configured squarp to transmit midi to all the out ports and I have to see about that because I created a midi loop last I tried.