PSU-3 vs PSU-3b vs PSU-3c

Right now at the Elektron web shop you can buy the PSU-3c power supply. This exact model was included with my Syntakt. In Elektron web is said that this model can be used with all the Digi boxes (DT/DN/SY) and with A4 MKI and MKII. Months before, my Digitone and Digitakt came with the PSU-3b model, that has the same specs printed as PSU-3c. I guess I can use any of these 3 power supplies with any of my machines, Digi or Analog series.

On the other hand, the power supply that came with my A4 MKI is model PSU-3 and have different specs printed in the rear panel. My question is: Can I use the PSU-3 with my Digi boxes safely? Can it fry my small machines?

They should all be essentially interchangable. The PSU-3 can provide a bit more amperage, but the amperage delivered is determined by the load, so all of these should work fine.

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There was a previous post of a similar nature which mentioned one has more audible noise, not in the signal path, but in the ambient environment. It could be referred to as “coil whine” of the transformer. I’ll see if I can locate the thread.


You’ll have to browse the thread and see if any information is relevant to you.

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