Protective lid is such an awesome addition for a synth

Kudos to Elektron for their cooperation with Decksaver. Not many synth makers are doing this and IMO it should be a standard. I have waisted way too much time and energy to come up with good protection for my non-elektron gear. It should not be like this. You listen, Nord?

I’m not sure it’s a cooperation with Decksaver. Elektron makes its own protective lids.

They are elektron branded deck saver lids


I actually have a question about the lids, specifically Digi(takt/tone) ones : if I put the lid on and wrapp it with a elastic band(s) and throw it in my backpack will it hold? I mean how is the fit with lid?

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It will hold.
It snaps on tight to my Digitone and a band holds it in place , especially if the bag it’s in isn’t snug enough.


Perfect! Thanks!

Though unbelievable how expensive they are. I mean you can buy an actual protective case for that amount.

Yep pretty ridiculous, they are $100 here in Aus.
I have a DT+DN so that’s $200 to get the decksaver (Elektron branded).
All the other decksaver lids are half the price of the Elektron ones.

I have to say that only Elektron would be able to make a deal with an existing lid cover maker and double the cost for the customer and then have the customer congratulate them for it :joy:


Lids are 50$ across the board in the U.S. As well as the older bags which are 109$ here come with lid.

You guys in the oz seem to get screwed on gear pricing a lot.

Yes pricing is way over the top for these things…I need to buy 2 but put it off cos price.

If ikea sold them they would be 5pounds lol

Yeah I have a cloth over my Elektron gear, decksavers on everything else :joy:

Actually would be a good thing to get 3D printed. A basic dust cover lid would be easy to design in and share the file


the lid has a perfect fit for all the Elektron boxes. Even the huuge lid for Keys fits like a glove.

However, what I would suggest for backpackers: buy additionally a shell type drone bag from Amazon for 7 pounds and it protects also the sides and carries the PSU+some cables. With this combo you can commute and travel and it would take a lot of effort to break something. Some other suggestions for that: Digitakt carry bag or case

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I just received some lids today from Sweetwater. Nice fit, heavy plastic. Now that I’ve gotten rid of my GAS, these lids should help protect my gear for some time to come.

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