Digitakt carry bag or case

Elektron sells some nice bags for their full size gear but not the new smaller Digitakt…
Can anyone recommend a carry bag or case for the Digitakt?
I plan on taking it with me a lot and don’t want it to get damaged. :relaxed:

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I already grabbed a small hardcase from a thrift store and cut some foam to fit.

Works great if yer ghetto like that.


just ordered the Elektron plastic lid… had good experience with the larger one on Rytm/Machinedrum… not cheap, but takes away any damage anxiety whatsoever by fully protecting the control surface, while not increasing the overall size at all…

as a bag, will probably just put a strap around it and wrap it in a tote bag or blanket, then throw it in a small backpack. Or, also got an old Elektron ECC shoulder bag… should fit inside that + tons of rooms for cables and such.

but aye, a small version of that carrying case which fits the DT + a handful of accessories would be cute!


yeh… it really isn’t a bargain haha. But yeah it’s solid. Don’t try at home, but would say you could probably stand on it and it won’t budge… with the smaller surface area even more so… I just want to be able to spontaneously take the device with me on a bike without thinking twice about it - a padded flight case would be too bulky for that…

the DT steel case itself, like the other Elektrons, is super heavy duty… basically the main thing to worry about is the encoders. The lid makes sure that nothing touches them, job done A+


yeah! some old army bag or something, padding it out… boom.

The lid is necessary imho. Mine doesn’t snap on but it’s great for dust and travel protection. It’s not really that expensive, is it? It’s a custom piece of hard plastic.

One nice touch is how they’re branding the stuff they make now. The new lid and power block have the logo embossed.

As for a bag, I bet they got something cooking but I doubt I’ll get it. Unlike the slightly awkward size of larger boxes. The DT will really fit in anything

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I hope they use a more discrete Elektron logo and make the bag more anonymous than the current bag for the other devices. That has prevented me from buying the bag. I don’t feel comfortable out and about with a big sign that says “I am walking around with +1000€”.


yea… same tbh!
“pls mug me”


I tried to order a lid with my Digitakt but Sweetwater didn’t have them. I think either a bag+lid combo or a small flight case with foam cutouts would work.

I would also like the power + audio cable to fit in with the Digitakt.

The lid costs $50 + tax and shipping.

Seems like a small generic flight case would be cheaper and probably protect it better.

Anyone know an affordable flight case source??

The standard Elektron bags are small enough, I’d just go with one of those + the DT lid.
Might be nice to have that little bit of extra room for headphones, or a field recorder… or a battery! :wink:
Sometimes you find those bags cheap second hand, when sold without the larger lid.


Just bought a flight case for the MPC Live at this place. I was looking at this case for the Digitakt. Seems enough room for the DT and AC adaptor, customizable foam too.



Lid and spare power supply arrived from Elektron.se headquarters today:


Agree. People steal gear like crazy at the shitty bars I play. Same reason I don’t use Moog labeled cases.

This looks like a good one… Thanks for the link.

When you get it set up could you post a pic and a link?

I’ve been using Storm cases for all my gear for years now. The army greens get’s some odd looks at customs but apart from that they are unbreakable and very versatile (also not as expensive as some other well-know brands)


It fits perfectly if you ask me. The foam quality could be better but doesn’t really bother me.



For those of you that just want a simple carrying case I just got this & the Digitakt fits perfectly…

I’m gunna have my hard cover in soon, so that on top + a sheet of foam underneath and I think it will be pretty safe in there. There’s just enough room for the power brick and cable too. The bag also has a little mesh zip pocket inside.

I’m quite happy with it for my needs.


I like it! Great find.

Awesome suggestion.

Am actually having trouble deciding between this or having a dedicated hard case. A hard case obviously provides more protection for storage and traveling, but it also means having to handle more when using more than just the DT. At least with the lunchbox you can store it in a larger bag or box.