Protective Lid for Digitone Keys?

Will there be a Digitone Key Protective Lid?


yes there already is an Elektron lid. Same as Digitakt.

He means for digitone keys


As yes he does, my mistake… Buy four and a heat gun. :wink:


any alternatives?

Does anyone actually know if there is a Digitone Keys protective cover? Decksaver don’t appear to make one. I can’t find one online anywhere. Maybe there is a custom protective lid supplier someone knows of? Thanks.

Did you find one in the end?

unfortunately, no.

New cover coming soon from Decksaver! :clap::star_struck:


Good find!

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Anyone have any updates on this?

I know this has been requested before… but with a huge birch tree outside my window… and a golden Labrador that sheds his hair just once year…from January 1sr to December 31st each year :rofl: a protective case really is a necessity… So will one be available from Elektron any time soon or am I going to have to hunt foe something from another manufacturer or even try and find mother solution… what do other DN keys users do ?

By the way, it appears that Thomann have reduced the price for the DN keys… which was a very welcome suppose when I ordered it :partying_face:

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No idea when it’ll be released, but there’s this:


Thanks, I just messaged them to her if they had an projected date for it :+1:t2: